My Quest for the perfect Nachos…

I don’t know why I’ve been obsessed with nachos lately – well, yeah, I do. I’m crazy and once I get fixated on something, it’s hard for me to let go. (tell that to my husband!)

I love Mexican food – it’s my favorite and what’s a better snack then crispy, salty tortilla chips, topped with all things yummy?!?!?!

So, since I’ve had zero luck in the restaurant nacho findings, I decided to give my own nacho building a whirl! (BTW – we also tried Willie’s Sports Bar Nachos = so not perfect) And, was there a more perfect day to try than New Years Day –> you know, the lazy, pajama wearing, football watching day!

What do I look for in a perfect nacho? Like I said above, the tortilla chips should be super crisp and very salty. No, I’m not making my own – I have to draw the line somewhere. But, the best tortilla chips, packaged, to me, are Snyder’s. So…

Crispy, salty tortilla chips

Spicy Queso, with chorizo (homemade!)

Shredded Mexican Cheese, melted

Black Beans

Cold Super Shredded Lettuce (very finely chopped!)

Pico Di Gallo (homemade!)

Black Olives, sliced

Sour Cream

Guacamole (homemade!)

And, what would nachos be without Jalapenos? I decided to go with Bottlecap (battered and fried pickles jalapenos) Jalapenos.

All the ingredients above make for perfect nachos!!!! The husband and I disagree about the cheese. He thinks it should be melted shredded cheese only. I enjoy the queso, tremendously. But, being as I’m a sauce whore…you know…

I made queso fundido (which, is the addition of chorizo – which, I love beyond words). I used a Mexican melting cheese, versus shredded cheese, for the queso. I shouldn’t have. After making the queso, it hardened up again – turning into a big cheese ball. Next time, I’ll make the queso saucier and leave the Mexican melting cheese for dips! But, I do need lots of jalapeno in my queso – I like the kick!

Grabbed a big baking sheet, piled it with tortilla chips, placed the queso fundido around, took FRESHLY shredded colby jack (it does make a difference, in melting, if you shred your own cheese – sorry, cheese bag grabbers) –> added that next. Opened a can of seasoned black beans and scattered those around! Melted, on 375, for about 15 minutes!

Here’s my first step…

Lots of yumminess going on there! But, we’re not finished!

I added the cold lettuce now (there’s nothing worse than warm lettuce!).

The pico de gallo (simple – seeded, diced tomato, seeded and finely diced jalapeno, onion – only I forgot to grab one – lots of cilantro and a squeeze of lime, salt and pepper) was next.

Sprinkled on the sliced black olives.

Grabbed a dollop of sour cream.

Another GIANT “dollop” of guacamole –> I’m still on the hunt down for a perfect guac!!!! (note, I do not like tomatoes in my guac if someone’s giving me a recipe!)

And, then, my Bottlecap Jalapenos. I got a Fry Daddy (thanks, Dad!) for Christmas and right now, if I can batter it, I’m frying it. The dog better watch out.

I took pickled jalapenos, sliced. (I like these better than fresh here, just for texture purposes). Added flour, with salt, pepper and Old Bay Seasoning – tossed the jalapenos into the mix and put them in the Fry Daddy, for maybe, 1 minute.

The Bottlecap Jalapenos were awesome (sorry, if that sounds egotistical)!

Here is my final Nacho result…

And, a couple more…


It was a good, FIRST attempt! Like I said, I’m working on the queso and I think I do want to add chili. Maybe a taco sauce/salsa, of some sort. Even though I have pico, it’s still needing sauce. Of course, if I fix the queso issue, the needing a sauce issue will go away.

HOWEVER – I, also, made Jalapeno Poppers!!!! They were the surprise hit of the evening. I used this recipe – I always use a recipe as a hopping off point. I know what goes in a Popper, obviously, I just didn’t know how to bread them without the cream cheese oozing out! This recipe was very good – however, next time, I’m taking my Stuffed Jalapenos and turning those into Jalapeno Poppers! I did take pics, but they got lost somewhere…The breading was a long process, but completely worth it. The crispiness factor was very high and gave the poppers a good BITE. I need to work on a proper sauce!

So, my first venture, into perfect nacho piling was okay – be on the lookout for more Nacho posts!!!!!!!!! And, if you have anything that you have to have on Nachos, that I haven’t listed, please, feel free to tell me!

4 thoughts on “My Quest for the perfect Nachos…

  1. Please contact me ASAP regarding your nachos reviews. Would like to invite you to join our community and pick up your nacho hunt. Special status for established Bloggers 🙂

  2. one of my favorite plates of food in Cincinnati, not just favorite nachos – is the memphis bbq nachos at Smoq in Springdale. Have you tried them? full disclosure – no guac on these, sorry

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