Oh, Larosa’s – Week 1

Many of you know my trials and tribulations with Larosa’s – I’ve had some absolutely ridiculous experiences there. I mean, unbelievable stuff! But, yet, I return.

Why? My son – the cute 10 yr. old with whom I share a Friday “date” night with weekly, adores Larosa’s (NOT as much as Pizza Hut buffet, mind you!). And, because of him and my love for him, I continue to suffer through it.

*Disclaimer* I’m aware that I’m from the west side and it’s sacrilege to not like Larosa’s but…there’s only so much a girl can take!

So, this is my new project – I’m going to take a pic of our Larosa’s food, every week, and post them here. It’ll be fun to see how much it varies, from week to week. And, from delivery, to pick up, to dining in.

This week, is the first time that we’ve dined in, in a long time. We, typically, get carry out. Service was HORRIBLE. The pizza was average (to be fair, it’s never going to get a fantastic out of me). But, my company? You can’t beat it!

Here’s Pizza #1 – Pepperoni and Mushroom, traditional crust.

It’s not perfect but 1. it doesn’t have any air bubbles and 2. at least you can SEE the sauce! My sister pointed out that there were a few pieces of burnt pepperoni hanging over the edges. *snort*

Pizza # 2 – Cheese Pizza, traditional crust

Again – it’s been a lot worse but there was a big piece of charcoal-ed something (top right of the pizza).

My son consumed most of the cheese – he doesn’t share my thoughts and/or beliefs about Larosa’s.

So – my Larosa’s Saga/Series begins…please share your thoughts below.

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