Oh, Larosa’s – Week 2

Yes, it’s only Week 2, for my Larosa’s Watch – I went out with some friends (yes, I, occasionally, have some) last Friday = no date night for me and the boy.

I finally got the online ordering to work for me – yah! I really don’t enjoy talking to real customer service people. So, some bonus points tonight!

The pizza delivery guy was late – however…I didn’t notice.

1. The boy was across the street playing.

2. I was in the throes of serious cupcake making (pics to follow).

3. It was snowing so I didn’t figure it to be speedy delivery.

BUT – the delivery guy called me, to tell me he was running behind. He arrived, with a 2-liter of Coke, in hand. (for being, maybe 10 minutes late!) And, he managed to not laugh at my fierce 4# dog, barking (continuously, mind you) at him, through the door. I have a soft spot for delivery guys so…I take it easy on them.

I ordered a large, traditional with spicy sausage and onion and a medium traditional, plain cheese. (Oh, and a cup of garlic butter so I can drench my pizza in it)

Here’s the large pizza…

I don’t see edge to edge cheese – and the little corner piece is running away.

I had a picture of the cheese pizza but it disappeared between my camera and the computer?

Taste-wise – well, they could have been more generous with the sausage and I barely noticed that the onion was there. But, by the saving grace of garlic butter, it was manageable.

My son ate the whole medium. Obviously, he doesn’t share my viewpoint.

Oh and for my totally gratuitous pic of the night – behold! Boston Cream Cupcakes!

No, you cannot have one – they’re for a Valentine’s Dinner tomorrow night!

Be jealous. Very jealous.

6 thoughts on “Oh, Larosa’s – Week 2

  1. I’d do anything for one of those cupcakes! And, I like you son, at least he has good taste. Haahaahaa!!! I haven’t had LaRosas pizza (have their salad all the time though) since we started the new eating plan in June. It’s killing me! I wanted to lick the screen, but you put nasty onions on your pizza. What is wrong with you??? LOL!

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