Larosa’s Week 5

Because of storms and tornadoes (prayers for everyone affected and if you’d like to help, send me a message!), our cornhole tournament was canceled and so were quite a few fish fries, on Friday night. So – NO FISH FOR ME! <– that’s okay…hanging out with some friends tonight for a Fish Taco (yes, they ARE delicious, you fish taco haters!) night!

But, in my Friday night dinner pinch, there’s always Larosa’s…

Mikey’s Cheese Pizza…


Minus the fact that the sauce is peeking through way too much – there WAS good cheese coverage. And, the boy liked it <–but, that’s going to be every time…so, he doesn’t count.

What the rest of us ate…


…bacon, onions, mushrooms and black olives (I would have preferred green but the girl likes black)

Again – cheese coverage could have been a little more thorough but, it wasn’t bad. Too much bacon and too little of everything else. But, I had my trusty garlic butter (which makes everything better) for supreme pizza dousing. I’ve also turned my girl into a garlic butter addict.

Honestly, I was just thankful that Cincinnati was unaffected by tornadoes – pizza really didn’t matter…being with my family did.

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