NO Fish for ME! Just Larosa’s Week 7

Boo – I didn’t get fish this week. Had to go to Mikey’s cornhole tournament, which, don’t get me wrong, I love…but it also means a no fish week. I thought I could do a drive thru with St. Boniface – alas, their fish fry started at 5 and so did the cornhole! As of yet, I can’t be in 2 places at once.

However – there’s ALWAYS time for Larosa’s…unfortunately.

Quoted 15 minutes for pick up – took 25. Again, with the sour faces, while paying. The good news – FRESH and HOT.

Here’s my pizza (well, our pizza)…bacon (love the bacon, can you tell?), mushrooms, onions and green olives.


It was fairly attractive. But, Larosa’s, I beg of you…PLEASE put some toppings on my frickin’ pizza! I had no clue that mushrooms, onions and green olives were there! I’m paying for them…give them to me! It was okay – could have used more sauce.

Mikey’s pizza…


Air bubbles. Check. Charred bits. Check.

Mikey, of course, didn’t care.

Larosa’s depressed me and made me miss my fish fries even more. 😦

The good news? We’re going to Smashburger tonight, for the first time!

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