I hate Larosa’s – Week 10

I’m sad and pathetic. I’m aware of this. The fact that I continue to abuse myself, weekly, is proof of this. Of course, I always have eternal hope that Larosa’s will be better and do better – but, it never happens. I’m like a puppy starving for love – I run run run and get kicked in the face. I get sucked in by the treats and get kicked in the face. But, I continue going back for more and more. WHY? (Yes, many of you have asked me this).

I love Mikey. Pure and simple. Larosa’s makes HIM happy (I’ve told him, numerous times, that he has crappy tastebuds) and since I only have a couple more years, where he’s going to want to spend Friday nights with his mama, I’m taking it! And, if that means sacrificing my taste buds (and sanity), then so be it.

And, thankfully, I have a venting food blog.

Okay – I was already irritated, all day, yesterday. I was trying to remain calm and peaceful but annoying people were out, in full throttle. My whole day was just filled, to the brim, with stupidly oblivious people. I was praying between incidents – seriously.

And, I live on the west side – full of Catholic folks. Isn’t there fasting going on, on Good Friday??!?! Couldn’t tell by lunch time (I was in Bridgetown Finer Meats and the parking lot was FULL and a hot mess). Not to mention, ALL fast food places were packed. And, honestly, the fish sandwich, I got from BFM wasn’t as good as usual. (and, it was my last shot @ a fish fry) But, I’m digressing!

My point is, my attitude wasn’t full placed on Larosa’s shoulders. BUT – the problems that occur, weekly, are.

1. The WORST parking lot EVER. (Bridgetown Location) It’s a circle, with 2 carryout spots (if they could get orders out, in time, this wouldn’t be an issue) and, maybe 20 spots, total. A design clusterpluck. Add in delivery drivers and add in people who just can’t drive and you have yourself an UNhot mess.

2. The same girl, working the register every week – and every week, nothing. No smile, no thank you, no showing me my pizza. She grabs the money and throws you boxes. A sort of “get the hell out”. Can I get a smile?!?!!? Keep in mind, I do NOT let my bad mood transcend to the innocent.

3. I was quoted 15 minutes but we got there in 30+ (had to make another stop) and OUR pizza was ready…but there were about 10 people milling around the lobby, waiting for their orders.

4. Inconsistency…when Larosa’s is made correctly, with enough toppings, sauce and cheese and with NO air bubbles…If it’s hot and fresh, it CAN be good.

But, when I open the box to this…


…I get annoyed. It’s ugly, it has air bubbles, it’s dry, it’s burnt and it’s cut horribly.

My husband, God love him, got the full brunt of my Larosa’s hatred. He, of course, found it amusing.

This is the second pizza…


Again, ugly – and back to NO toppings. Burnt pieces hanging out on the top right and middle. Dry edges. Cheese on one side. And, taste-wise? Sucked. Again, thank God for garlic butter.

Yes, I complain about Larosa’s and yes, I realize that I have a choice on whether to go there or not. But, the bottom line is…they are a restaurant and their goal should be to make people happy via food. They are NOT doing their job. And, quite frankly, if this were the product I was pushing out, I would be ashamed. The integrity of their food is lacking and so is their customer service. I wish that Larosa’s would prove me WRONG one of these days. Really, I do.

Sometimes, it’s not so great being right all the time.

And, yes, there are bigger problems in the world – I, of all people, know this. But, this IS a food blog and that’s what I get to talk about.

3 thoughts on “I hate Larosa’s – Week 10

  1. They are the least authentic Italians of all. The lastest ad campaign is, “LaRosa’s. The taste says it all” and “LaRosa’s – what’s it to you?” Seriously. Have they hired the dumbest ad agency on planet earth? First of all, the taste doesn’t say it all. There’s also the visual appearance of the food and the service. I’m not surprised by your photos of those disgusting pizzas. My grandmother would never have served something that looks like that. AND, I always have to get out my own pizza cutter and re-cut the pizza once I get it home. But good ‘ole Buddy thinks Aunt Dena’s sauce is all that matters. The sauce isn’t even that good. There are several other chain pizzas that taste more authentically Italian (Marco’s and Snappy Tomato). And their chicken wings? Do they source from the “midget chicken farm.” Their wings went from normal size to super petite. LaRosa’s is a textbook case of resting on their laurels. Good riddens.

  2. Ditto with Mr. Italian. He nails it. I hate it when the entitled can’t see outside their own box. “What’s it to you” is right. LaRosa’s is nothing to me. They charge a premium price for crap and try to pass it off as “authentic Italian.” Really?

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