Larosa’s Week 11 – I’m calm and cool

Don’t get me wrong. I still can’t stand Larosa’s BUT today is my birthday and I refused to eat it!

I’m going to do a birthday eating blog so…I won’t post that til the husband takes me to my secret dinner destination tomorrow night. <–Can’t wait. I love surprises!

Today, I went to Smashburger, for lunch. For dinner, I swung through Chipotle (I didn’t get to go Monday, like usual) and I got the BOY Larosa’s. Yes, the evilness did not have to pass through these lips. Yah.

It (Larosa’s) does get old.

The parking lot was a mess…again. Probably because 15 people were waiting for their carryout orders. I had to circle the lot 4X to find a spot (and that was just to run in and pick up my order!)

The carryout chic wasn’t friendly – asked my name and threw me the pizza.

But – it’s my birthday and I’m in a great mood. I have the best husband ever, the best kids ever, the best family ever and the bestest friends ever. Be jealous.

Mikey just got a cheese pizza…


The cheese looks good – the bubbles, not so much. Mikey thought it was delicious. AND, just for the record, he was willing to give up Larosa’s, for me. But, since I wanted Chipotle, it wasn’t a big deal letting him have his pizza, too. 😉

I did get some new Hot and Spicy fries (I had a free app card). But, I can’t give you the details about the taste because I’m still reeling from the Chipotle. However, here they are…


They look tasty. Maybe the husband will eat them later. I don’t have it in me.

Okay – be on the lookout for 1. Mikey’s burger blog and 2. My birthday food blog!

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