Larosa’s Week 12 – 3 months of bad pizza.

I’ve lucked out the past couple of weeks.

Last week, was my birthday and I opted for the Chipotle for dinner. Amen.

This week, I was meeting some cool chics at Willie’s, for dinner, to celebrate bemoan the fact that our husbands were on a golf trip. So, after bribing my teen daughter (heavily, I might add – the little greedy thing), she watched Mikey and I ordered THEM Larosa’s. Mikey was pissed that I was leaving him and the WWE on our date night. Thankfully, he has a short attention span and he’s already forgiven me. (Of course, he did yell at me for not getting home until 11:30) Oh, to be 37 and have a curfew!

Maddie wanted boneless wings (she shares my hatred of the Larosa’s pizza – at least, I have one child with good tastebuds). Mikey wanted pizza – cheese only…shocker! And, I had a free app card. So, Maddie said she wanted to try the NEW Spinach Rondos (Oven-baked blossoms of pizza dough brushed with our creamy garlic-pesto sauce and filled with provolone cheese. Choose from  pepperoni or spinach fillings to make this one of your new favorites)

I also got delivery because I needed to do hair and makeup (Actually, Maddie did my hair and makeup – God love her). So, no dealing with the sour face take-out girl! Nor, the poorly designed parking lot!

The pizza arrived ON TIME – and here it is…


Ugly – but, Mikey liked it.

And, here are the NEW Spinach Rondos…


They look highly unappealing but I did try one and they were pretty tasty! Lots of cheese hiding under that ugliness. I think an alredo dipping sauce would have been better though.

I didn’t take a pic of the wings because they were wrapped in foil AND Maddie was already attacking them.

Another Larosa’s Pizza week down (escaped the last 2!) – I’m hoping to talk Mikey into Pizza Hut Buffet next Friday. Oh! In case I haven’t ever mentioned this – he loves Larosa’s…but he WORSHIPS Pizza Hut Pan Cheese! See, there’s no accounting for taste when it comes to genetics. 😉

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