Larosa’s Week 13

I almost escaped another week of Larosa’s. 2 weeks ago, the husband took Mikey for a man’s night out (Longhorn Steakhouse)…so, I enjoyed Chipotle, solo.

And, last Friday, there was yet ANOTHER boys’ night out – to see the Avengers. I’m so thankful that I didn’t have to take the hit on that one. The ONLY thing that could keep me interested in that movie, is Captain America. But, being as he was probably fully clothed, my interest level was back to zero.

I was hoping that Mikey would be full on popcorn and we could forgo Larosa’s – nope. Nothing comes between him and pizza, apparently. Not even the extra large, extra buttered popcorn (with cool Avengers souvenir cup!)

So, we ordered Larosa’s – AND, I’ve been able to order online for, like, a month straight now. It’s a Christmas miracle.

You know the drill…large cheese pizza.


Ugly, ugly, ugly.

Oh! I completely forgot – our delivery guy was not only on time, but super sweet – and, maybe, just a little cute. (for a twenty-something!) So, a thumb’s up for customer service!

Since I didn’t feel like pizza (imagine that!), I ordered some of the New Garlic Fries


Oh, what the hell…here’s another pic. I couldn’t decide.


I did add provolone to them. They had promise – not garlicky enough and the fries weren’t cooked well. Kind of soggy. They needed to be crisp, to hold all that garlic, cheesy goodness.

With that said – Mikey ate almost the whole large. He’s a hog.

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