Larosa’s Week 14 – yes, it’s back

I thought I would have a Larosa’s free weekend – but, I’ll willing to admit this…because I was lazy, Mother’s Day evening, I ordered Larosa’s delivery!!! Yes, it is MY fault, this time!

My laziness overpowered my desire for good food.

So, we ordered a large cheese pizza…(Mikey, of course)

I did order extra cheese and extra sauce. There seems to be more cheese but it’s still looking fairly dry around the edges. However, my son had zero problems inhaling half of it.

The girl ordered boneless wings…


They look gross but I know that she always finds them to be tasty.

I got a Calzone – green olive, onions and bacon.


It was fine – always too much dough and not enough fillings!

Okay – that’s it. I will NOT be eating Larosa’s tonight. We’re off to CincItalia!!! Yah! So, be prepared for a TON of yummy pictures!

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