Wrapping it up – Fishy Style

So, I know that I sucked as a Fish Fry blogger this year. Life just got in the way, what can I say?

The one thing, that I did love this year, was that I had some friends and family that decided to tackle their local Fish Fries – love it!

Here are some pics, taken by friends and family…

From my mama – down in Georgia…

From my BFF – in Harrison, OH…

And, from another friend – via Larosa’s…

My sister also went to a fish fry and promised me some pics – but, I never got them. Slacker. 😉

My wrap up – I still like Whitewater Crossing. Minus Bridgetown Finer Meats – it really is the best fish at a Fish Fry! Plus, they really “get” why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Which leads me to my mini-preachy tirade…ready?

Over the past 2 years, I’ve been to pretty many fish fries. I’m new. I don’t know anyone, minus the people who I bring. Has anyone EVER come up to me, said hello, asked how I was doing – acknowledged the fact that I’ve never been to their church before? No. Churches need to keep in mind that they know nothing about me and this is their opportunity to not only sell fish for fundraising but to fish for (wo)men. So, my tip to those of you that organize or volunteer at Fish Fries – be alert as to who doesn’t go to your church! Say hi – see what their story is! THAT is God’s purpose.

Off the soap-box now.

I’m excited that people are excited about Fish Fries. I really do love fish and I do love blogging about it! Next year – I’m going to try to do better. I promise.

I was thinking about doing a Creamy Whip series, over the summer but, seriously? Is there ever BAD ice cream? (well, minus the fact that creamy whip isn’t real ice cream 😉 ) Minus menu variety, I don’t know that I’d be able to differentiate much in the taste category!

So – I’ll continue with my normal restaurant jaunts!

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