I make cakeballs/pops – a lot of them. I mean, who can refuse a ball full of cakey goodness? I fall apart at the decorating aspect. I can think artistically and creatively, but I have a very difficult time executing my imagery. (I’m hoping my daughter takes over that part of my baking life…)

I made some baby chicks, for Easter…they looked a little more like mutant baby chicks…

Baby Chick?

Especially since the kids took over some of them…


So, my sis asked me to make some baby cakepops, for a baby shower, that she was hosting. I thought “hey, how hard is it to make babies?”

Apparently, hard.


Oh, sad baby cakepop. I know that they were delicious but it appeared that I had an army of baby elvises or baby seals…


I begged my sister’s forgiveness…she didn’t think it was a problem. God love her for being kind!

I’m almost scared to design something else – I don’t have the patience to mold cake heads and wait for icing to dry. I’m perfectly content with my ugly, yet most delicious cakeballs, ever.

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