Back to the normal Friday nights with the boy…

My boy was on vacation, without me, last week – so, I got a bit of a reprieve on the pizza front! However – life is now back to normal…hence, the Pizza Hut.

I was going to order from Marco’s or Dominos but, because of storms and power outages, that went out the window. So, we drove to the Harrison Pizza Hut and got some of his most favorite pizza.

Because I’m trying not to eat a ton before vacation, I didn’t care what he ordered. I wasn’t eating a lot anyway! Of course, he got a large pan cheese pizza…extra cheese.

No, not as good-looking, as it typically is, but a far shot better than Larosa’s!

Needed some more sauce – so, I got a cup, on the side. I ate ONE piece. This is the boy, with the carnage…

Yes – you see that correctly. He ate the whole damn pizza. He’s going to eat me out of house and home, when he’s a teen!

But, he’s so stinkin’ cute, it makes up for the fact that he’s a pizza hog!

I had a busy week – we’ve been focusing on cooking more, to save money for vacation. Even though it’s the summer and I cook for a living, I’ve been dedicated to making dinner 5 days a week. I love to cook, don’t get me wrong, but there are some days I just want to swing by a restaurant and call it a day. The fact that we eat healthy, during the week, stops me, however.

This was our dinner, Thursday – the ever-picky boy, just ate the chicken (complained about the glaze) and the girl wasn’t fond of the pineapple…or zucchini…or the peppers. Oh well – the husband and I loved them!

Oh! And, I made the dogs some doggy popcicles – a recipe that I found on Pinterest. They’re still freezing, but I’ll post a picture when they’re finished!

AND – Brutus enjoying his cool treats…

So – another exciting week at the Cable household!

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