I am a Pinterest addict…

…like so many others I know!

HOWEVER – the difference is that I, not only, pin stuff…I, actually, follow through and MAKE the recipes. 😉

Just looked at my Boards – I have a total of 518 recipes/food items pinned and I’ve tried 126 of those. I feel like that’s pretty darn good!

Some of have been really, really tasty, some of have needed some recipe rehab help and some, have just been gross.

Saturday, I had a 4th of July party to go to and it was 1000 degrees. Our hostess needed some desserts. With the heat, chocolate was OUT. So, I perused through my Pinterest Boards and decided on a Cinnamon Roll Cake AND Lemon Brownies. <–which, I pinned the lemon brownies a couple of months ago and the link was broken. So, I had to search online for them – thank God, I found them! However, it doesn’t appreciate or like being pinned, so, don’t try it.

First, the Cinnamon Roll Cake…


Mmmm – hills and valleys of cinnamon and glaze. Is there EVER anything wrong with that? So, a winner!

Lemon Brownies...


They photographed better, while cut! They were so lemony and tart – LOVE the DOUBLE lemon glaze on top. Very light and fantastic for a hot summer day.

I wish I could say that they went, quickly – but, I don’t think drunk people consume a lot of sweet things. 😉 But, it’s all good – I had some extras to eat and give away.

My advice – actually MAKE some of those recipes that you’re pinning on Pinterest!

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