My Dinners – this week or last week, whatever.

Since I was getting stuck, in a dinner rut (well, sort of), I decided that I was attacking the Pioneer Woman‘s (if I were a lesbian, she’d be my girlfriend) website for new ideas. Not really new ideas, I guess but…just to shove me away from the chicken! Since I cook, most days, for work…it’s hard to stay inspired for dinner. I LOVE cooking dinner, it’s just the inspiration that kills me. I’m not one of these people who can have the same menu, every stinkin’ week and be happy.

So – this is where we are, dinner wise…We eat dinner, at home, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays (but, it’s just me and the hubby that night) and Thursdays. And, then, I, usually, have a ton of leftovers at the end of the week, that sit in my fridge, until I decide to remember them! (I’ll get to that point, a little later)

SUNDAY! I think I covered this, a smigen, in my last post but…

Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Corn and Biscuits 


With ALL the things I make and all the things I fry, I’ve never done the fried chicken before…so, I relied on my girlfriend, the Pioneer Woman, for the recipe! It had a GREAT flavor and was very moist. Definitely a keeper! Mashed potatoes and gravy, were my own. The biscuits – well, they were crappy. I ran out of baking powder, so they were flat little beasts. I do much better with the rolls!

MONDAY – Steak Sandwiches and Broccoli

Yes, I realize that’s an odd combination. But, I have to get some green in there, somewhere!


Again, recipe from the PW! I altered a little (which, I usually do!) – and added mayo and cheese. Because we “needed” more fat…ahem.

My husband thought it was awesome. I’ll admit, it had really great flavor – but, I wasn’t crazy about the texture of the cube steak. I don’t know – cube steak just takes me back to my childhood…and not to one of my favorite dinners.

When I’m trying new things, I always grab a recipe. Am I cheating? Not really – I kind of use recipes as a hopping off point. I, inevitably, change things so much that it does become my own. But, if it’s all been done before – I’m not going to reinvent the wheel. (unless it’s my own crazy ideas – which I have a lot of, too!)

TUESDAY – Pot Roast

For nostalgic reasons and because of cooler weather, I headed to Pot Roast. Okay – I’m a huge fan of the veggies, in pot roast (yes, even the smooshy potatoes) but, the meat, to me, is second fiddle. Thank God – because I destroyed the pot roast. Not one of my finer moments.

Again, used my girlfriend’s recipe. I swear to you, I followed it, to a T. Everyone said to NOT put the pot roast, into the crockpot – use the oven.

Yeah, didn’t turn out so great, for me. The meat was tough, tough, tough. NOT falling apart. I feel like this is why I should be justified to buy a dutch oven.

I was so pissed, I didn’t take a picture.

WEDNESDAY – Roasted Shrimp Enchiladas, with a Jalapeno Cream Sauce

And, this, is where, I totally redeem myself! (thanks, Dumb and Dumber) NOT the PW’s recipe, but, found it in pinterest – go figure! <–note sarcasm

Since the kids are at their grandma’s, on Wednesdays, WE get to do fish and all the things that the kids won’t eat! Granted, the girl will eat anything but meatloaf and Mexican and the boy…well, he only has a list, of about 10 things, he WILL eat.



They were so damn good! The sauce was super spicy, too (thanks to the fact that I opted to leave the seeds and veins, of the jalapeno, IN).

I would love to make them again. And, the husband, during dinner, approved and said that they were awesome…but, old butt got heart burn the next day. Jeesh – is this what middle-aged marriage is coming, too? And, for the record, I’M not middle-aged…only HE is. I still have a few years.

One thing I would change (see, it’s already happening…) is that I would keep the chipotle pepper adobe SAUCE but not use the actual chipotle peppers. I just don’t dig the texture. Sort of like sun-dried tomatoes. Can’t stand those things either.


So, my fridge being a tupperware mess, at the end of the week, was why I decided to bring in Leftover Night. I don’t want to throw stuff away and I know me…I won’t freeze it. (Although, I’m trying to be better)

In theory, this sounds good. But, the husband was the only one home for Leftover Night. WHAT did he choose? The steak sandwich stuff – minus the bread. Just a bowlful of meat and sautéed onions. But, hey, it’s all good.

It’s one less thing I have to pitch.

Tonight, I’m meeting some friends at Don Pablo’s!!! So, the boy and husband are off for Pizza Night. I’ve been given a pass. Thank you, Lord.

Tomorrow, we’ll be gone all day, in Marysville, rebuilding (I’ll be cooking and cleaning) after the tornadoes (yes, they are still in need of help!!!)

My Dinner Plan next week? Well, you’ll have to wait and see BUT, I get a reprieve Tuesday, cause it’s our 13th Anniversary and we’ll be at Eddie Merlots! I might make the kids spaghettio’s before I leave.

Cause I’m a good mom like that.


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