Dinners I made…weeks ago…

Again – I have NO clue when I made these…but, I did. I’ll do a better job at documenting my meal plans, now that I have my brand, spankin’ new camera!

I tried out the Pioneer Woman’s (my girlfriend!) Spaghetti Sauce. Yes, I have a sauce that I always use but, I’m always willing to try new things, too! I was looking forward to the addition of green peppers!

I make the most delicious garlic knots ever. Sorry, had to get my ego move in there!

Did I like the sauce? It was…fine. The thing that I looked forward to the most (the green peppers) were the things that I disliked about the sauce! They took over the whole thing. Oh, well. Although, I love my cooking GF, I’m sure our tastes DO differ, occasionally!

And, I feel like I’ve, finally, perfected the BBQ Chicken Pizza!

Thanks to a good friend, who gave me a fabulous BBQ sauce recipe (sort of sweet with a nice kick – perfect!), I was able to craft this…


(I took that, on my PHONE –> which was then, sent to the hubby’s phone –> which was then sent to MY email – my point is…forgive it’s ugliness!)

Nice thin (homemade) crust, spicy bbq sauce, shredded chicken, banana pepper rings, monterey jack cheese (that I shredded for a better melt) and fried onion straws, on top. Does it get better than that? (the answer is NO)

And, then, Halloween night (which, I was deathly ill for, btw), I sent the kids and husband, with school pizza. I heard, via my hairdresser, that a local meat store (R&R Meats) sold the old school pizza! I was, beyond, excited.

Yeah, short-lived.


You know what that is? Tony’s pizza, cut into rectangle shapes! NOT school pizza. Sorry, people…the shape does NOT make it school pizza! So, I guess that school pizza, as us 80’s children knew it, is long gone. 😦

So, that was one of my weeks. I didn’t even go grocery shopping, this week – I’m using stuff, from my freezer, since it’s bursting at the seams. The kids are bitching. The husband keeps telling me that I’m feeding him too many carbs. I think they’ll be okay.

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