Pajamas and Pizza Hut

Does life get better than that?

It’s Friday night – I’m at home, with my son. (the teen girl is out and about and the husband’s at a poker game) We both got into our pajamas around 4. I stopped at the library, earlier, so I have about 15 books right now. I have some of the fantastic Orville Reddenbacher Movie Theater Pop-Up Bowl Popcorn. The 2-liter of Cherry Pepsi, is in the fridge. Blanket is calling my name.

I enjoy the quiet. Especially when the boy fell asleep around 4:30 (it’s REALLY hard being 11!) and I had to wake him up, when the pizza got here around 6:30!

It’s one of those nights – and, I love it. I’m one of those people who are fully capable of embracing the laziness and feeling ZERO guilt about it. Not one single drop. I’d make a really great cat. (In my fantasies, I’m a tigress or jaguar. In reality, I’m probably just a fat house cat. That’s okay, too)

Back to pizza! Last week, my sis was in town and we had the Larosa’s. Minus the fact that the Bridgetown store was, of course, backed up and lost our order (it’s never-ending!)…the pizza tasted okay. Well, scratch that, the Meat Topper and Veggie Topper tasted good. The other ones looked “eh”.

So, this week, we’re back to Pizza Hut. I know that my son is still beyond excited that he can have Pizza Hut every stinkin’ week.

Guess what? He got Pan Cheese Pizza – shocker!

PH cheese

PH cheese 2

And, I got Thin with Double Pepperoni, Mushrooms and Extra Sauce

PH mine

PH mine 4

PH single slice

Please note how beautiful, all of the pictures are, due to my brand spankin’ new camera!

Again, while I do like the Pizza Hut, I wish that they wouldn’t be so scared to throw some cheese and sauce on there. I mean, I had a sprinkling of toppings (nope, the double pepperoni was NOT double) – the least they could do is make it up to me with cheese and sauce. But, alas, they don’t. 😦 It makes me sad. Because it could be really great but they just throw the potential away!

Another pizza Friday, has passed and I don’t know that I’ll have another night, like this one, for a while. I’m enjoying it while I can.

Tomorrow night? Pappadeaux to celebrate my bestie’s birthday!

Hell, I’m so excited about my camera, I might even blog about her cupcakes! That’s exciting, huh? 😉

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