It’s the end of the world and I’m eating Pizza Hut

Let’s just say…if I truly felt like it was the end of the world, I probably wouldn’t choose Pizza Hut as my last meal. But, since I’m fairly secure in my worldliness, Mikey and I went ahead and ordered it tonight. 😉

What did we get? Well, we bucked the our normal trend and got a Pizza Hut Big Meal Box (19.99 with a FREE 2-liter, baby!). 2 Medium Pizzas, choice of pasta and breadsticks. Looks a little something like this…

Pizza Hut Box

Good looking, box, right?

Pizza Hut Cheese

Pizza Hut Pep

Pizza was good – I scraped off the toppings, on mine. I just can’t eat too much fluffy bread. I’m a thin crust girl. (the box comes with 2 pan pizzas)

The breadsticks were horrible. If you go in and order their breadsticks, they’re very tasty. I don’t think that they travel well. Mikey even tossed his away.

Pizza Hut Pasta

I got the Tuscani Chicken Alfredo pasta – one thing Pizza Hut does have, is mighty good tasting pastas! The sauce is awesome – creamy and garlicky! I don’t really love the chicken, in my pasta, so I ate around that.

Good night here – Mikey’s watching WWE. I’m reading. The husband is having a gift exchange with his cigar buddies. The teen girl is somewhere, I’m sure. 😉 If the world WERE to end, I’m a happy, blessed girl.

Which leads me to…tomorrow is family night at our house. It’s a Wonderful Life (one of my favs and the other 3 peeps, in my family, have never seen it – tragedy!) is showing and I let everyone pick a snack, for me to make. We’re having salami rolls and mini-pigs in a blanket (Mikey), shrimp and crab with cocktail sauce (the husband), cheese fries (Maddie) and jalapeno poppers (me!). Yes, I plan on taking pictures because Lord knows, I’ll probably end up making more things. 😉

“George Bailey, I’ll love you til the day I die.”

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