Baking…with Bessie

Bessie helps bake 2


At church, we always have a White Elephant Gift Exchange – Bessie is the “prize” that everyone avoids (for 10+ years!) However, being as I’m me, I decided to steal Bessie this year. She’s going to be my traveling gnome and I’m going to take pics of her…might even give her a tattoo!

My INTENT for Christmas gifts, this year, was to do all food (awesome!) gifts. I mean, big old baskets with seasonings and sauces and baked goods and breads.I even got to the point that I made my shopping list. Well, you know what they say about good intentions, right? I ran out of time. So, thanks to Kroger’s fabulous 4X fuel points gift card “sale”, that’s what everyone got. Hey – there’s something to be said for time versus money!

However, the ONE thing I did decide to do was Red Velvet Cupcakes (with cream cheese icing, of course!) in a jar. With a spoon attached for easy and fast eating.

Now, I’m not the craftiest person, in the world. I think people confuse my cooking/baking abilities with craftiness. Yeah, that’s just not true. I rely on my daughter for a lot of the arty type things. I can envision all day long but when it comes time to execute – fail!

But, Maddie abandoned me, so I was on my own with the Cupcake Jars.

I think I did a fine job without her.

Cupcakes in Jar 2


I’m not in love with the labels – but, my other alternative involved a trip to Staples and the Saturday, before Christmas, I was so NOT down with that.

Cupcakes in Jar 3


Cupcakes in Jar Back


3 Cupcakes in Jar


The husband was so impressed that he told me I should market them! <–always thinking of ways to get money out of me! 😉

Since my arty girl was gone, I think I did a fine job!

Merry Christmas, everyone! In all the hustle and bustle, remember the true reason that we celebrate – the birth of Christ! THAT is the greatest gift that we’ll EVER receive!

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