Larosa’s – you evil beast

Yes, I had Larosa’s one last time, in 2012 – ugh.

The boy suckered me in. What can I say? Never trust a big butt and a smile – oh wait, that’s a Bel Biv Devoe song. However, I AM a sucker for my son’s cute face. Plus, I planned on ordering a hoagie anyway.

We ordered a medium cheese pizza and a baked royal – that’s it. Yep, it took an hour. Larosa’s is so NOT worth waiting an hour for! Pizza Hut’s always here within 30 minutes – hear that, Larosa’s?!?!

After the LONG wait (they suck), this is what we open the pizza box to…

Larosa Cheese 2

In case you can’t see, it’s real ugly.

Larosa's ugly

I ordered a side of garlic butter – which they chose to flip upside down, on top of the pizza, where it not only made an indentation…but opened and leaked everywhere. Way to go, quality control.

And, for your viewing (dis)pleasure…(click on the pic)

Larosa Cheese

Not only did we have the garlic butter crater, we have 2 inches of crust without sauce or cheese, 4 large air bubbles. Really? This is what took an hour to create?!?!

I got a Baked Royal…

Larosa's Baked Royal

Yes, it was tasty. But, was it worth an hour wait and a pizza catastrophe? No.

I hate Larosa’s. The only resolution I’m making this year is to avoid eating that crap!

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