First Pizza of the year! Pizza Hut

Yes, I’m just excited that it’s not Larosa’s. It’s the little things, people.

Good news? 2 large, 3 topping pizzas for 8.99 each. Delivery time was under 30 minutes. And, it all arrived, steaming.

My pizza – thin double pepperoni, mushrooms and extra sauce

Pizza Hut Mine


Pizza Hut Mine 3


By now, I’m like a frackin’ parrot – needs more toppings and more sauce. And, I was validated tonight. The husband said, “Wait, that’s double pepperoni?” See? No prompting was involved!

The boy’s – Pan Cheese…just cheese

Pizza Hut Mikey

Pizza Hut Air Bubbles


The pizza wasn’t perfect – but, it was ahelluva lot tastier than Larosa’s!

And, of course, Mikey thought it was perfect. That’s all that matters.


2 thoughts on “First Pizza of the year! Pizza Hut

  1. This blog is hilarious. I’ve been cracking up laughing the whole time. I had to comment once I saw you circled the missing cheese! I also noticed that as well. Reading the blog tempted me to order Larosa’s today. I know all about the lack of toppings and cheese- while I appreciate a great air bubble, I made sure to request extra sauce, extra cheese. Can you believe I was sad that it came with too much cheese? Can we win?! I’d like nothing more than to go back there and make my own pizza sometimes! The medium came cut in triangles, I was not happy about this as I favor the traditional square-cut. I was not privvy to the larger only square club. Had I known, I would have certainly requested! The onion twists were horrible. I made sure to call at 10:59, 1 minute before opening- how is it the grease taste burnt? Alas, the spicy-diablo sauce was a nice coverup. As I was eating it, I was praying there be no traces of high-fructose corn syrup; this was totally a cheat meal for me, can you tell?
    Thanks for your blog! It’s been an enjoyable ride tagging along your Cincinnati adventures! My favorites are when you review Larosa’s!

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