Week 1 – this Foodie Girl goes healthy…

We all vowed that we wanted to start eating healthier, this year, (well, my son never admitted to any such thing) so…I want to prove that it’s possible to eat tasty, delicious food AND lose weight.

I’m waiting for some cookbooks, from the library, but, I knew that I could wing it, this week. Let’s face it…we all know what we SHOULD eat. It’s just a matter of doing it!

So – this is what was eaten, in my house, this week…

Sunday night – Chili! Yeah, I didn’t take a picture of it. I make great chili but it would just look like a bowl of chili. Got a problem with that? 😉

Monday night – Flat-iron steak with chimichurri sauce, broccoli and salad.

Salad 3

Tossed this baby on a screeching hot grill!

Steak Grill 2


Steak Final

After letting it rest, cut it into thinly sliced pieces – so, we all had controlled portions (everyone else had more steak – I don’t eat a lot)

Steak Plate

And, WITH the sauce

Steak with sauce 3

Love that a relatively inexpensive steak, can be turned into something tender and awesome. Plus, it was $8 and nicely fed all of us! The majority of our meal was veggies, with some protein. And, it was delicious!

Tuesday – Okay, for those of you that don’t know me. I love my hair. It’s okay – I know I’m an ego-maniac, in that aspect. It’s uber blond and NOTHING comes between me and a hair appointment. And, yes, that means dinner. A girl needs her priorities. I grilled the family some chicken, wished them luck and ran out the door to glam myself. So, sorry, no pics of the chicken. But, when I got home, I had chili – so, you DO get a look at my chili. Well, sort of…


Yes, I have buried the chili in crackers, onions, cheese and a smidgen of sour cream. (I might have slammed a lot of tabasco on it, too!) To stay within my health-like boundaries, it was a TINY bowl. Smaller than a cup of chili @ Wendy’s. I swear! And, I didn’t even finish it!

Wednesday – my little ducks were at their grandma’s house, so it was just me and the hubby. We had healthier Burrito Bowls! (the girl hates Mexican so, I try to make it when she’s not here!)

Whole grain rice (made like Chipotle with lime and cilantro), black beans, Mike had chicken (I didn’t), grilled onions and peppers, pico de gallo (homemade!), a sprinkle of cheese, guac (me) and sour cream (me). Lots of chalula!

Healthy Dinner Burrito bowl

Mike was concerned about the cilantro amounts – he’s a hater. But, he said the whole thing was f-ing awesome. (yes, I bleeped it) He’s spoiled, in that, he’s married to a cook. 😉

Thursday – Veggie Burgers and Baked Crinkle Fries

I did have every intention of making asparagus, too – but, the husband was late getting home and had to run somewhere else. There was no love or time for the asparagus.

Okay – I have no aversions to veggie burgers. Sure, I’d prefer full on meat but veggie burgers CAN be really tasty!

I used Guy Fieri’s recipe – let me preface my mini-tirade with this…I like Guy Fieri but I was REALLY disappointed in his cookbook. He uses so many ingredients, in each dish – and ingredients that aren’t readily available in non-trendy Ohio! Like, someone’s REALLY going to make duck confit sandwiches? Really? For the average, normal cook, this was a horrible cookbook!

I can make most things and still was facing a list of ingredients that looked like this…

Veggie burger stuff


…for 4 veggie burgers. Which leads me to…Guy, also, only uses 4 oz of beans, 1 tbsp of artichokes, 1 tbsp of black olives, etc, etc – which means that you either have to store the leftover stuff or throw it away. I hate recipes that do that! Drives me nuts!

But, since I’m a trooper (and a good cook), I moved forward.

Veggie burger made


Those are post-making – after they were in the fridge for 30 minutes. Mike said, “Those look disgusting.” Yes, yes, they do. We had our doubts.

Veggie burger on bun


While they were a little tricky to keep together – they looked much better cooked, with cheese, on a bun (wheat).

Veggie burger open


The husband had a different reaction AFTER biting into one. He said, “These really damn good! And, the texture feels like beef. Kind of like a mexican burger.”

They were pretty good – I wouldn’t say awesome because, let’s face it, they’re veggie burgers but I wouldn’t turn them away! Plus, they had tons of veggies in them and beat the hell out of a normal burger, health-wise.

And, no, the boy didn’t have a veggie burger – he just ate fries!

This concludes our first week – Friday night is still pizza night and Saturday is still date night! A girl has to maintain some sense of sanity while doing the 30 Day Shred and abstaining from ice cream.


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