Friday Night Pizza (Hut)

So – love that Pizza Hut is always fast and reasonably priced. Their delivery time was 30 minutes and I think they made it in 31. No, I’M not crazy…Mikey was keeping time because he was STARVING. *insert eye roll*

I felt a little bad for the delivery girl.  My total was $22.60. I gave her $40. She gave me back $12. I had to explain to her (a few times) why it was wrong and that my change was $17.40. Is this our future? Simple math can’t even be done in their heads? My 11 yr old knew the right change!

Oh well – on to pizza.

Mikey’s Cheese

PH cheese 2


They have the any size, any toppings for $10, right now. So, I got a Large Thin Pepperoni Lovers with bacon, onions, mushrooms and green olives – extra sauce. (Extra cheese isn’t an option and is extra – which is a little odd)

PH mine 3


They did awesome with the pepperoni – everything else, eh. But, it was good. I can’t complain! Pizza Hut really does have good pizza. And, you just can’t touch their pan pizza- it’s perfect.

I read 2 Stephanie Plum books. Got to laugh at the Rock on WWE (and, maybe drool a little). Snuggled with my boy (don’t tell him I said that) Love lazy nights!

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