Week 2 – this Foodie Girl goes Healthy!

I don’t feel like ANY food is the enemy – it’s just about making better choices, keeping it lower carb and lower fat, getting good proteins and smaller portions. Mike thinks carbs are evil = I try to keep them at a minimum. I don’t count calories. I’m just being mindful of what we’re putting in our mouths.

I was thumbing through some Biggest Loser cookbooks – damn! They don’t mess around – talk about NO fun eating! ūüėČ So, I took my own route, again, this week.

Sunday – Grilled Chicken Parmesan, Whole Grain Pasta with Sauce, Asparagus

No breading on the chicken. I made homemade pasta sauce so there’s very little sugar. Whole grain pasta and grilled asparagus!

Week 2 Sun

Note – more veggies and chicken versus pasta! LITTLE side of pasta. While we were eating, I said, “This pasta isn’t so bad.” Mike just gave me the chewy, chewy face – guess he disagreed! *snort* Hey! Can’t have it both ways!

Also – later that night…I made everyone these Mock Frosty’s. Did it taste like a frosty? No. But, they were good and only 67 calories!

Monday РGrilled Chicken Salad 

Week 2 Mon 2

Romaine, sprinkle of cheese, roma tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese, a smidgen of bacon, grilled chicken, sprinkle of craisins and glazed walnuts, a couple croutons. Lite Dressing. Simple, yet delicious!

Tuesday – Steak, Mushroom, Onion and Spinach Quesadillas

Quesa 1

Quesa 4

I decided to have an all veggie one – so, I added red peppers and avocado, to mine! Mike gave it a, enthusiastic, mega thumbs up! It was pretty damn good.

Wednesday – Blackened Mahi, Grilled Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli

Week 2 Wed 2

In case you didn’t know…I LOVE fish. The only fish I don’t “love” is rainbow trout. Anything else, I’m game! The kids are always with grandma, on Wednesdays, so that’s when we (the husband and I) have our fish night. I could eat it every day…but, I realize that not everyone else in my family wants that AND my mercury levels would probably be WAY out of control. ūüėČ

And, take a look at these grilled sweet potatoes (drizzled with honey – I, also, love me some honey!) Can you say frickin’ yum?

Week 2 Wed Swt Pots

Thursday – Orange Chicken with Veggies, Whole Grain Rice

DERAILED! DERAILED! My eating plan has been derailed. I forgot (that happens a lot…shhh) that the husband was going out-of-town for a night. So, since I don’t really enjoy the Chinese, I’m pushing it to next week. Okay, I don’t hate all Chinese. I enjoy their sweet’n’sour soup, crab rangoon, lo-mein, egg rolls and I love love love love (enough?) dumplings/potstickers! But, everything else – eh.

We *might* (okay, we WILL) hit up Skyline after basketball practice. Hey, a Cincinnati girl can’t survive without some¬†occasional¬†Skyline. Seriously. It’s a fact.

So, I’m focusing on designing my next week’s menu – hoping I can create some new yummy and healthy recipes!


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