Eating Pizza Hut

It’s kind of weird. We’ve been going to Pizza Hut, for a few months…it’s been mostly good. I don’t have to go off on tirades. It’s nice to just experience pizza without the high blood pressure.

Friday night – I’m at home, doing laundry, making some cakeballs, reading book “N” of Sue Grafton’s. The boy’s watching some horrible Fairly Odd Parent movie. Drake Parker should be jabbed in the eyes, repeatedly, for that one. At this point, I’ll be thrilled to hear wrestling, in the background. We have an early wake up call, tomorrow, so I’m beyond thrilled for this lazy night!

What do we have? Pizza Hut! (which arrived 2 minutes early and there were NO math issues, since I paid with a check card!)

Pan Cheese Pizza

PIzza Hut cheese

Thin Bacon, Mushrooms and Onion

Pizza Hut thin

Same complaints as the last 8 weeks – not enough cheese or toppings. But, again, good. Not fabulous. But, not Larosa’s horrible either.

Oh and I had to forgo the pepperoni because I got mega heartburn, last week! It’s a bitch getting old.

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