Week 3 – Foodie Girl goes Healthy!

I know that some of you may not enjoy going to the grocery store. I love it. Keep in mind, I go by MYSELF, no kids and early morning…so, it’s just me and the old folks! (whom, I love, too) I’m also VERY organized.

I happened to be, in the store, a few evenings ago, around pre-home from work time. There were people, dressed up business style, shopping and grabbing stuff for ONE meal! I can’t, personally, imagine living like that. The OCD inner child in me just starts twitching. No list? No plan? No coupons? What the hell?

Eating healthy, you need to PLAN. That’s the bottom line. There’s no “winging it” at the grocery store. You must have a list and a menu, for the week! Please, for the love of God, do it! Otherwise, you’ll end up with a cart full of oreos, bananas and chocolate milk!

You know – the husband is funny. I plan for healthy meals and then, Sunday, I told him what was for dinner and he said, “Well, if we’re going to eat unhealthy, it should be today.” So, since it was cold and we were watching football (you suck, Tom Brady!), we ordered from…Larosa’s. I knew I could get a hoagie!

Sunday – Larosa’s

The boys got pizza and I got an Italian Hoagie

Larosa's cheese 2

Larosa's sausage

Larosa's hoagie

Since I didn’t have to eat the pizza, I won’t remark on it. The boys had zero issues with it. God love them. They each grabbed their respective box and ate straight from them! I think 3 slices of cheese remained.

Monday – Chinese! Grilled Chicken with Chinese Veggies, tossed in Szechuan sauce (well, the girl picked orange sauce)

Week 3 Mon Chinese

And, I got sucked in at the Sushi counter, in Kroger – no, not sushi. But, dumplings! So, these were my dinner!

Week 3 Mon Dumplings 2

They were pretty damn yummy. That szechuan sauce was hotter than dog crap! I felt bad for tossing tons of it on Mike’s Chinese. His nasal passages are clear now.

Tuesday – Chicken and Dumplings!

All my little ducks were home for dinner – yah! And, everyone, minus the little picky duck, loves chicken and dumplings. (Honestly, I just like the dumplings part)

Week 3 Tues chix dump 2

Sublime! The dumplings are the “worst” part for you – the rest is chicken, chicken broth and seasonings…a smidgen of cream at the end. The dumplings are what thickens it. So, it gets a great big thumbs up for comfort and an “eh” for health.

This is how I eat mine…

Week 3 Tues chix dump hot

I do love the tabasco.

I always use my girlfriend’s recipe!

Wednesday – Fish Tacos!

I have, officially, perfected the fish taco. (Mike will verify this)

Marinated fish – grilled perfectly, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, guacamole and then topped with baja sauce (Like a spicy mexican tartar sauce)

Week 3 Wed Fish Taco 2

I, also, add an extra squeeze of lime and some chalula. I, typically, make my own tortillas but, I didn’t feel like spending an hour doing that tonight. But, just so you know – there is NOTHING better than a fresh, homemade flour tortilla!

Mike said that I ruined my fish taco with the green “crap” (oh, the sacrilege!) so, I needed a picture of HIS perfect tacos.

Week 3 wed Fish Tacos 3

NEVER get behind him at a salad bar or buffet line. Seriously. Everything must line up and be perfect. That’s why I always make my food first!

Baja Sauce Request! I adapted it from this – I take out the 2 tsp of mexican seasoning and add in 1 chipotle in adobo sauce, salt and pepper and I puree it in a food processor. I like the smooth. (which means you also don’t have to dice the japs or cilantro!)

Thursday – Steak Sandwiches, on whole wheat rolls, with Broccoli

So, I might be in love with flat-iron steak. It’s relatively inexpensive, you can use it for a variety of items and it’s so fast, cooking! Which leads me to, the steak sandwiches. Grilled onions and mushrooms, flat-iron steak with just olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic, toasted whole wheat roll.

Week 3 Thurs Steak Sand 2

Yes, I might have tossed in a few BAKED tater tots. I mean, who can refuse the tater tots?

As for the steak sandwich, Mike said, “This is the best frickin’ sandwich I’ve ever had in my life.” I take it that it was a success. And, even if it makes me sound like an egomaniac…it was a really damn good sandwich! (of course, I added some light mayo, to mine.)

This cooking week is O-V-E-R!

The boy wants Little Caesar’s tomorrow (WTH?) – saves me money but I have no clue what’s wrong with him. I might order Papa John’s since I never get it and therefore, never get to review it.

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