Week 4 – Princess Goes Healthy!

Well, I’m going to have an easy week, this week. The husband is going out of town and quite frankly, I’m not making big old meals for people who would be just as happy with chicken nuggets! See? I’m that mom, too!

So, we’ve only got 3 home-cooked, healthy meals, this week. I could post pictures of what I eat on Wednesday and Thursday, but chances are, it’ll be soup. What can I say? I like soup.

Sunday – Roasted whole chicken, rice and garlic bread

Yeah, I do have some carbs in there. If we’re going to go a little carbier (yes, that’s a word), it’s going to be on Sunday. Mike did have green beans, with his, instead.

Week 4 Sun Roast Chix 3

I used my brand, spankin’ new cast iron pot (Thanks, Dad!) – loved it. I could fit 2 chickens in that bad boy! Although I love the TASTE of roasted chicken, I HATE shredding it apart. It’s hotter than hell and I burn my fingers. Yes, I could use forks but I’m really not that coordinated.

Week 4 Sun Full Dinner

That would be BBQ sauce (not blood). Simple, yet delicious.

Monday – Steak Fajitas

Yes, I like the Mexican – got a problem with that? I sautéed green peppers, red onions and jalapenos in fajita seasoning (I marinated the steak in it, too)

Week 4 Mon Steak Faj 3

The boy just had the steak, the girl hates all Mexican but because she’s a trooper, ate it anyway and the husband, loved it. (of course!)

I had book club and ate Max and Erma’s that night. (Note, however, that I am a fabulous wife and mother and still made them dinner!) This was my dinner. (yes, I’m on a chicken tender kick) These were pretty good – ranch and honey mustard sucked.

Week 4 Mon Me 2

Tuesday – Lemon Chicken Piccata with garlic quinoa and veggies.

Week 4 Tues Chix Picatta

It was all kind of boring. I really like lemon but I just wasn’t feeling it. Of course, my son decided to start puking while I was making dinner – that will curb your appetite, real fast! I did, however, eat all the capers. I love them so.

My daughter couldn’t eat it – she doesn’t enjoy the lemon as much as I do and it was making her pucker. I was just happy she tried it. She moved on to the new Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls.

Week 4 Tues Quinoa

I’ve been leery of the quinoa (pronounced = keen-wa). It seems to be everywhere and the hottest craze. I didn’t really “get it”. It’s still higher in carbs – I guess it’s just higher in protein? But, some friends and I decided that we would work it into our meal plans. So, there it is. Reminded me of cous cous, just with more bite versus the denseness of pasta. I was worried it would have the texture of oatmeal – it didn’t! It wasn’t bad. But, not something that I’d have to have again.

And, that’s where it ends, this week – it was a fast week. I have a sickie. So, it’ll probably be soup until, hopefully, he’s better Friday!

Happy eating and get to meal planning! I’ll blog about Superbowl Food (yah!) Beyond excited about that – Go Ravens! I’m making a crapton of stuff. And, I promise that I’ll make 4 other meals, next week – I’m already planning.

2 thoughts on “Week 4 – Princess Goes Healthy!

    • I LOVE Torrie Smith – he’s so talented! Also, I used to hate Ray Lewis but, on K-love, last week, they had a really great back story, on him. That he’s turned his life around, since his jail time. He’s accepted Christ and is now doing amazing things, in his community. Even though others may still hate what he did, redemption isn’t just for US, it’s for everyone!

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