1 small Larosa’s pizza and 1 sick boy!

It’s been a fun 3 days. My boy’s been sick. All I have to say is thank God for a husband that doesn’t have a weak stomach!

After eating only 1/2 of a Sam’s pretzel, in 3 days, he decided to give pizza a whirl tonight. I don’t know if it’s because he wanted it, or if it’s because it’s just what we do on Friday nights. Probably a little of both.

Even though I want to try the new Snappy’s, I let him get what he wanted. Guess what is was? Yep – the dreaded Larosa’s.

It’s all good – a hoagie was in my future.

Mikey’s SMALL (please note: he always gets and eats a LARGE – I KNOW he’s sick) Cheese Pizza

Larosa's small cheese


It’s ugly but I wasn’t eating it. Thank God. Mikey only ate 2 pieces!

Onion Straws

Larosa's onion straws


Baked Royal

Larosa's baked royal

Onion straws were good. Hoagie was okay – a little dry. But, much better than any pizza would be.

And, now, my baby is chilling, with a blanket, watching WWE. Puke bucket right next to him. 😉 Me? I’m FAR FAR FAR away from him.

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