Week 6 – Princess goes Healthy!

I don’t mean for my life to be so busy. Really, I don’t. It just seems like my empty weeks become full ones, in the matter of seconds!

Regardless, I’m going to cook this week. If someone’s here to eat it, great. If not, guess we’re having leftovers!

In case I haven’t mentioned it, carb is a bad word, in this house. I’m sure, in most middle America households, people can and do eat potatoes and pasta. Yeah, not so much here. Oh, to have such an easy eating family (or, rather, husband!). I wouldn’t even know what to do if carbs were an option! Oh, the possibilities! But, it’s not an option. 😦

Which brings me to…

Sunday – Pasta-less Lasagna

Yes, in theory, it seemed like a good idea. Being as no one is a fan (besides me) of zucchini or eggplant, I decided to try portobella mushrooms as the “pasta”.

Week 6 Sunday

Week 6 Sunday 2

Let’s just say that there’s a reason for the noodles, in the lasagna. Even by keeping the mushrooms bigger, it still wouldn’t have helped.

It looked pretty, at the end…

Week 6 Sunday 3

…but, was a hot mess. And, not even a very tasty one. I prefer some substance to my lasagna. This won’t be happening again.

Week 6 Sunday 5

Mondayyes, I’ve managed to make dinner 2 nights in a row! Yah, me! Morning Star Black Bean Burgers, Sweet Potato Fries and Broccoli

MS Black bean burgers

I’m always skeptical of pre-packaged veggie burgers. But, we’re all willing to try it, for 120 calories!

Grilled Black Bean Burgers

Yes, they appear promising!

Veggie burger whole

I put some 2% American Cheese on it, slapped it on a whole wheat bun = voila! Instant healthy burger – BUT, would it taste good?

Week 6 Monday

Okay, the above is Mike’s plate – I just had the black bean burger!

They were REALLY good. I spent so much money and time, making those stinkin’ Guy Fieri Veggie Burgers and, honestly, these were just as good! Better even because they didn’t fall apart when I cooked them! So, let’s just say, I’ll be going the Morningstar route, from here on out.

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a BzzAgent –> which means that I’m sent free products, try and review them and then “bzz” about them. Hence, the cute Morningstar logo below! All opinions, about the products, are mine alone!

Tuesday – Yes, it’s happened. We’re derailing. The husband had a business dinner and I was running around like a madwoman (that seems to be a theme, in my life!)

So, this is what Mikey had…Little Caesar’s

Week 6 Wed

And, this is what I had. Well, the fries sucked so they just stayed there. (Wendy’s)

Week 6 Wed 2

Wednesday – yes, more derailing. Husband had a business dinner, again. The kids were with their grandma BUT…it’s Ash Wednesday and you know what that means? Bridgetown Finer Meats has their Fish Fry!

BFM Fish 2013

BFM Fish 2013

Of course, it was delicious. But, I do have ONE teensy complaint. (gasp!) The tartar sauce is awesome but they give you a tiny ass side of it. Um, big sandwich + small tartar sauce = NOT working. I have to get extra…which then means .75. And, it’s not even filled to the top. Again, fish is fantastic – but, it needs to come with the appropriate amount of sauce!

So – while I was hogging on fish, the husband went to Jag’s. He sent me a pic of HIS meal (again, he’s so well-trained!)

Jag's Mike Steak

And, because he’s the best husband ever, he brought me home dessert. Raspberry cheesecake…

Jag's dessert

Thursday – In my defense, Mike and I thought that we were going out for Valentine’s Day, tonight because we were busy Saturday. Well, Saturday plans were canceled so we’re back on for dinner that night. That means, no dinner was scheduled for tonight. My head was pounding. I needed a nap. And, my baking mojo went missing last night. (I exploded a batch of cupcakes and my cakeballs, today, were ugly) I was having issues. So, Mikey had a turkey sub, Mike had a turkey wrap and I had soup. Yes, all from my fridge but it required no real work.

I’m ready to sleep in, tomorrow – I’ve had that sort of week. Good busy but, just busy. I need a day that I’m not running around from one place to another, all trying to bake and cook in between.

Tomorrow night (FISH FRIES START, PEOPLE!), I’ll be at Visitation! Can’t wait to eat fish and get this Lenten season started!

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