Week 8 – Princess Goes Healthy

The first day in (Sunday) and I was already messing up my food plan. I went to church and came home and napped. For three hours. (You got a problem with that?) I woke up groggy and the last thing I wanted to do was cook. Thank you online ordering, even if it was Larosa’s!


Larosa’s Traditional Cheese

Week 8 Sunday Cheese

Larosa’s Veggie Pizza (see, we got vegetables)…with bacon (oops)

Week 8 Sunday Veggie

Although it really pains me to say it…it was, not only attractive, but pretty darn good. Just proves that if made correctly, it can be tasty. So, whomever made the pizzas, on Sunday evening, at the Bridgetown Larosa’s – GOOD JOB!

Monday – Greek Pizza with tzatziki sauce

Week 8 Monday 2

Yes, my own invention. I was going to do chicken gyros and then changed my mind. Naan, grilled chicken, black olives, banana peppers, roma, feta and cheese blend – baked! The husband loved them. I, however, had book club, which means that we were at Bronte –> it’s okay. Kind of over-priced.

I got the Soup and Salad – basil tomato and turkey cranberry salad

Week 8 Monday Bronte

The soup tasted like pasta sauce – I hate that. The salad was pretty good but you could put goat cheese on anything and I’d love it. The turkey was boring and dry. Frickin’ organic turkey.

Then, for a bit of sweet, I got the “bite-size” tiramisu…

Bronte tiramisu

They weren’t lying about the bite sized! Please note : The spoon is a NORMAL spoon! The tiramisu was okay. I ate all of my 4 bites.

Tuesday – My Cooking Girlfriend’s Beef Stew

I’ve tried to make beef stew, a gazillion times, and I’m never happy with it. I think I’ve finally found a good recipe. What a surprise that it comes from my girlfriend, The Pioneer Woman! And, the bonus? It had turnips in it! Never had a turnip before – it was a lot of fun to use and they tasted delicious. My advice is…USE the turnip! Even if it seems a little scary!

Week 8 Beef Stew Bowl 2

The husband just had the stew – I made the evil carb-filled potatoes for me and the kids!

Wednesday – Bobby’s Burger Palace!

Got preview tickets to the new Horseshoe Casino! I had zero desire to gamble but I was dying to try Bobby Flay’s Burger place – he’s one of my favs. (and, we might have played some roulette – won $70 and left!)

Thursday – Breaded Eggplant with goat cheese and tomato sauce, on top of wheat cous-cous and asparagus. 

Mmmmm…goat cheese.

Lots of veggies tonight – Meijer had HUGE asparagus and they were so good! Much better than the asparagus I got from Sam’s, last week!

Week 8 Thurs

Cous Cous = so much better than crappy quinoa! Texture is better. Taste is better. Just put the quinoa down, America. Let the Peruvians have it.

The above was my dinner – Mike had some chicken, too. (leftover from lunch!) I don’t really need meat, at every meal, so I was good.

Week 8 Thurs 2


My oil was a wee bit hot…I don’t, typically, let my panko get blackened! 😉 Oh and the pasta sauce was jarred (yeah, shoot me…okay?) but it was so good. It was Paul Newman’s Sockarooni. But, all in all, great meal and I’d totally make it again. Mike gave it the stamp of approval, too.

You know what tomorrow is, right? FISH FRY FRIDAY!!!! I’ll be visiting St. Martin’s! Don’t forget, if you have pictures, SEND THEM TO ME!

BTW – I had a crazy week and am pretty proud with the amount that I cooked!

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