Week 9 – Princess Goes Healthy?

Yes, the question mark was intentional. You’ll see, later.

I’ll admit. I didn’t have a game plan, going into Sunday. Mostly because I didn’t go shopping on my usual day – Friday. So, I got some of the Omaha steak burgers (thanks, sista!) out and the bagged curly fries and deemed it dinner! Yep, can’t say much healthy going on here.

Sunday – Cheeseburgers and Curly Fries

Week 9 Sunday burger

Yes, I took a bite – so, shoot me!

Week 9 - Sunday

Maybe (okay, REALLY NOT) not healthy but they were pretty delicious. The family didn’t have any issues slamming them down either.

Monday – Pizza (from Sam’s – hey, it was 6.99!)

Notice a theme? The husband was out-of-town. The kids are pretty easy-going with food. Hence, I was making whatever this week!

Week 9 Monday 2

It was fine piping hot but once it got a little cool = suckville. The kids weren’t very impressed either. But, it was 6.99!

Tuesday – I WAS SICK! I couldn’t move. I couldn’t get out of bed. I could barely utter syllables. I think my teen took money from my wallet and bought them McDonald’s. I think that’s what happened.

About 11 AM, Wednesday, I started feeling human again. The husband was coming home so I decided to run to Kroger and get some fish. (I also needed other things and I needed to escape my germy house!)

Wednesday – Tilapia and Veggies (okay, I had pasta!)

Week 9 Wed 2

Week 9 Wednesday me

The wonderful part of Wednesday’s dinner? My girl now loves goat cheese. (I put goat cheese in the pasta!) Yep, another person has fallen under the magical goat cheese spell!

Thursday – ?

See why I was a horrible mom and “nutrition” supplier, this week? I had a meeting so I had some catered yumminess from Apple Spice Junction. The kids were at grandma’s and I *think* the husband had tuna. Maybe.

I’ve got to get the little people eating better next week. Namely, the boy. While I was down and out with the plague, he consumed a whole bag of chips and the whole box of Mega Oreos. I woke up from my stupor like…”What did you do?” It’s like the world went crazy when I fell sick.

I think I’m going super simple, next week – small meat, lots of veggies. I read this book “Eat to Lose, Eat to Win” – not much on the cookbook front but she had a lot of great ideas about switching eating patterns/ways, to lose weight.

My guilt, from this week, is OVER, however – I couldn’t help the sickness and it’s ONE week. Tonight, I’m going to St. Ignatious’ Fish Fry! Pizza (NO chips and NO oreos!!!) for the boy! I think the husband is hitting up Bridgetown Finer Meats…again.

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