Week 11 – Princess Goes Healthy

Yeah…I skipped Week 10…gotta problem with that? And, the funny thing is, I have no memory, so I have no clue what went awry. I’m sure I made dinner, but don’t ask me what I made! I know. I suck.

So, I was back on track, with the dinner making, this week. As for healthiness? Well, I don’t know that all of it counts. The husband was gone a couple of days and when that happens, I make stuff, for the kids.

BUT – Sunday was St. Patrick’s Day! What does that mean for this Irish Girl? An Irish dinner…sort of. Not a dieter’s dream dinner but…it’s the day of the Irish dammit!

And, oh, here are the cupcakes I made!

St. Pat's Day Cupcakes

Back to regular programming…

Sunday – Reubens and Potato Pancakes

DO NOT message me that Reubens are German. I am aware of this. I was trying to incorporate corned beef and cabbage into a way that was palatable.

Week 11 St. Pat's Day better

Yum. Just yum. I was going to make my own corned beef but it takes 10 days to brine. Ain’t nobody got time for that! So, Bridgetown Finer Meats (love them!) makes their own – it was fabulous!

Monday – Spaghetti and Pasta Sauce

I wish I could tell you that my week’s menu was going to get more exciting but with the husband busy and out of town…the kids got their way.

Week 11  Monday

I think I’m getting old – it gave me heartburn.

Tuesday – yes, another meal of champions…Chicken Nuggets and baked Fries

Week 11 Tuesday

Wednesday – FINALLY! An adult, healthy meal! Chicken Fajitas with Vegetables and Black Beans.

Week 11 Wednesday

Don’t give me any crap about the sour cream – it was the only thing (besides cheese) that had any fat/calories! The rest was grilled chicken breast, grilled onions, red peppers and broccoli and some seasoned black beans. No rice. It was a nice low-carb meal, for the husband.

Thursday – Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

I always have to make meatloaf when the teen girl is gone – she hates it!

Week 11 Thursday

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a BzzAgent –> which means that I’m sent free products, try and review them and then “bzz” about them. Hence, the cute logo below! All opinions, about the products, are mine alone!

The mashed potatoes were Kroger Homestyle Mashed Potatoes – I wanted to like them…but didn’t. They left an odd texture on the roof of my mouth. But, my meatloaf is always damn tasty!

So, I made dinner EVERY night this week – Amen! I feel like I should get a cookie or something.

Tomorrow night is Fish Fry night – we’ll be at Whitewater Crossing (my fav!)

Don’t forget to keep sending me your fish pictures – love them!

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