Princess & the Points 2

I hate being the person who always complains (or brags…) about being busy. Seriously, I hate it. I’m more of the “let’s chill and read a book” variety. I, thoroughly, enjoy down time and I’m NOT afraid to admit it. BUT – sometimes life does get a smidgen hectic…and that has been my past 2 weeks. News flash – Craziness is, officially, OVER!

I have, however, been awesome about my points (weight watchers, people!). Even with my great foodie weekend, I managed to keep myself in check. Right now – 3 weeks later – I’ve lost 6.5 pounds. Which might not be that impressive but…my eating habits haven’t changed all that much and I’m not working out. Jillian Michaels will get me next week. ūüė¶

But, I AM making some fabulously healthy (and frickin’ delicious!) meals! Really excited to be back in the meal making saddle. (the husband had a work trip and then a golf trip, back to back weeks)

Sunday – White Chicken Chili (5 points) and Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich (7 points)

White Chix Chili better 5

The chili had such a great kick to it – and fabulous flavor! I’m, typically, not a fan of the chicken chili but…I’d totally eat this again. And, again.

Teri Sand Best 7

Sandwich was my own creation – grilled chicken, teriyaki glaze, sauteed mushrooms, a little bit of LF mozz. (and, I put a little goat cheese, on mine). I used Aunt Millie’s Light Bread – voila! Delicious, low point sandwich.

Monday -Turkey Meatloaf, Dijon Fries and Green Beans (9 points, total!)

Meatloaf better 9

Everything, on that plate, was delicious! Especially loved the Dijon Fries!

Tuesday РCheeseburger Salad (I used ground turkey Рit was 9 points)

Cheeseburger Salad 9

Yes, it was as tasty as it looks! And, I did lighten up the croutons. I love my cooking girlfriend but I really didn’t want to use a whole stick of butter! I used Aunt Millie’s light bread, cubed, 2 tbsp of butter and tossed them to make the croutons. My ass didn’t need a whole stick of butter.

Wednesday – Jack Daniel’s Glazed Fish, Asparagus, Artichoke/Mush Gratinata (9 points)

Fish 9

I got the fish, from Sam’s – it was okay. I could have done a better glaze. Just sayin’. (the husband agreed)

Thursday – BBQ Chicken, Vinegar Cole Slaw, Loaded Broccoli (10 points)

BBQ Chix 10


A very simple meal – and, one that took less than 30 minutes to make – love it!

I’ve already planned our meals, for next week – lots of new and exciting things! Shrimp Curry, being one of them!

Happy WW Eating!

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