Princess & the Points 2

I hate being the person who always complains (or brags…) about being busy. Seriously, I hate it. I’m more of the “let’s chill and read a book” variety. I, thoroughly, enjoy down time and I’m NOT afraid to admit it. BUT – sometimes life does get a smidgen hectic…and that has been my past 2 weeks. News flash – Craziness is, officially, OVER!

I have, however, been awesome about my points (weight watchers, people!). Even with my great foodie weekend, I managed to keep myself in check. Right now – 3 weeks later – I’ve lost 6.5 pounds. Which might not be that impressive but…my eating habits haven’t changed all that much and I’m not working out. Jillian Michaels will get me next week. 😦

But, I AM making some fabulously healthy (and frickin’ delicious!) meals! Really excited to be back in the meal making saddle. (the husband had a work trip and then a golf trip, back to back weeks)

Sunday – White Chicken Chili (5 points) and Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich (7 points)

White Chix Chili better 5

The chili had such a great kick to it – and fabulous flavor! I’m, typically, not a fan of the chicken chili but…I’d totally eat this again. And, again.

Teri Sand Best 7

Sandwich was my own creation – grilled chicken, teriyaki glaze, sauteed mushrooms, a little bit of LF mozz. (and, I put a little goat cheese, on mine). I used Aunt Millie’s Light Bread – voila! Delicious, low point sandwich.

Monday -Turkey Meatloaf, Dijon Fries and Green Beans (9 points, total!)

Meatloaf better 9

Everything, on that plate, was delicious! Especially loved the Dijon Fries!

Tuesday – Cheeseburger Salad (I used ground turkey – it was 9 points)

Cheeseburger Salad 9

Yes, it was as tasty as it looks! And, I did lighten up the croutons. I love my cooking girlfriend but I really didn’t want to use a whole stick of butter! I used Aunt Millie’s light bread, cubed, 2 tbsp of butter and tossed them to make the croutons. My ass didn’t need a whole stick of butter.

Wednesday – Jack Daniel’s Glazed Fish, Asparagus, Artichoke/Mush Gratinata (9 points)

Fish 9

I got the fish, from Sam’s – it was okay. I could have done a better glaze. Just sayin’. (the husband agreed)

Thursday – BBQ Chicken, Vinegar Cole Slaw, Loaded Broccoli (10 points)

BBQ Chix 10


A very simple meal – and, one that took less than 30 minutes to make – love it!

I’ve already planned our meals, for next week – lots of new and exciting things! Shrimp Curry, being one of them!

Happy WW Eating!

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