Princess & the Points 3

I really need to not go the grocery store for about a month…minus meat and produce. THIS is what my cabinets look like…


That’s AFTER going through and donating a bunch of stuff!

Snack cabinet

Those are all SNACKS, people – just snacks! WHO needs that much crap?!?! Keep in mind, the girl and I don’t snack. The husband eats all the 100 calorie pack stuff and the boy, usually, eats just goldfish and potato chips! Why do I need oreos?!?!


And, I can’t fit ONE more damn thing in the fridge. Do I need 50 bottles of salad dressing?

So, if you know me and hear about me going to Kroger, on Friday, please, yell at me!

Weight Watchers, this week! Well, last week, I lost a whopping .7 but given my eating week, I’ll take ANY loss. Hoping, with Jillian Michaels pushing me and calling me a fat ass, this week, I’ll have a better number.

Sunday – Sloppy Joe’s (homemade, made with ground turkey) and Green Beans (6 points)

Sloppy Joe's and Green Beans 6

Simple and always a crowd pleaser. Ground turkey used to really bother me but the stuff I’ve been getting is REALLY good. It’s, texturely, the same and tastes REALLY close to beef.

Monday – Shrimp Curry (7.5 points)

Shrimp Curry 2

It was so damn good. I was told that 1 tbsp of red curry paste would make it spicy…it didn’t. Next time, I’ll put a couple tablespoons, in there! But, the taste was amazing! (I’ll also do fresh shrimp, next time – so, it can soak up the flavor!) The husband LOVED this!

Tuesday – Pizza Casserole (7 points)

Pizza Casserole best

This has, quickly, become one of the family’s favs (well, minus the boy who only eats 10 things). I have a feeling it’ll be on the weekly rotation! And, it IS really good (and easy!)

Wednesday – Fish, Asparagus, Dijon Fries (10 points)

Fish Wed 10

Had to use up the Jack Daniel’s Lime Glazed, from last week – it was better grilled. (of course, I added some seasonings to it). Love asparagus – the husband tells me I make the best asparagus. Yeah, olive oil, salt and pepper is my “secret”. 🙂

Thursday – Bean Quesadilla (12 points) 

Bean Quesadilla 12


The husband and kids weren’t home – so, I made a bean and cheese quesadilla. The whole thing was 12 points (that included the avocado and light sour cream) but, I only ate 1/3 of it. A quick, easy meal!

That wraps up this weight watchers week – I’m looking forward to weighing tomorrow!

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