Princess & the Points 4

Well, I’ll back track, just a little!

Friday night, pizza with my boy – he wanted Pizza Hut (I can’t even tell you the last time that we got Larosa’s – thank God!).

Pizza Hut Cheese

Pizza Hut thin

Due to my weight watchering it, I got thin crust. The pan pizza just adds a layer of fat to my ass that I really don’t need.

Saturday night, we had some fun – took the boy to a Columbus Clippers game (a minor league team – don’t ask me to explain the A, AA, AAA difference…my ears might bleed from my lack of understanding)

Clipper field

Definitely more homey and less hectic than a major league field/game. Of course, what the hell are the mascots supposed to be?!?!?!

Clippers mascots

And, to get into the spirit of baseball (those that know me, know that THAT is hilarious), I got a hot dog, for dinner.

Hot Dog Baseball

14 points (I didn’t eat all the onion rings) but it was damn yummy! The boys had cheeseburgers but they dug in and didn’t wait for the picture.

Mikey eating baseball

And, just because I can…

My boys Clippers

We got to our seats and proceeded to eat…cracker jacks (husband), pretzel (the boy), cotton candy (the boy), nachos (the husband and I shared) and these delicious things…funnel fries!

Funnel Fries

So yummy – I stole a couple from Mikey. (if they had a side of chocolate sauce, they would be perfect…just sayin’)

Okay – back to normal programming!

Sunday – Cinco de Mayo, baby! Taco Salads (12 points)

Sunday Taco Salad

Monday – Pizza Casserole (6.5 points) Yes, it’s back

Monday Pizza Casserole

Tuesday – Chicken Strips, Dijon Potatoes and Green Beans (8 points)

Tuesday Chicken 10

I tossed the husband’s in buffalo sauce – I just wasn’t feeling that, though.

Wednesday – Baked Potato and Asparagus (8 points)

Potato and Asparagus 8


It was yummy – used some smart balance butter (which, really isn’t that much better point-wise, than real butter?) and light sour cream. LOTS of salt, of course. BTW – the husband had the same dinner…but with chicken.

Thursday – Honey Teriyaki Glazed Salmon on top of Polenta (12 points)

Salmon 12


The salmon was so frickin’ delicious! The polenta…not so much. Think, bland (very bland) corn bread. Did I mention bland? The Southerners do cornbread so much better than Italians. So, my points were much less!

Tomorrow’s Friday and we’ve come full circle! Pizza Night and Mother’s Day weekend – yah!

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