Princess & the Points 5

Yep – Mother’s Day weekend. A weekend of eating. Of course, is there EVER a weekend that doesn’t include awesome eating? Maybe that’s just my life?

Friday night, started off with…guess what? Pizza Hut. The boy is NOT venturing into foreign pizza territory these days. So sad. As long as it’s not Larosa’s, we’re good here, however.

Here’s Mikey’s cheese pan pizza – I’m convinced that they can’t make a large pan without a cheeseless section, in the middle. (top left)

PH pan

I got bacon and mushroom, on thin crust – 6 points each.

PH thin

It was yummy. I know we live in a Larosa’s land, over here…but, I do like me some Pizza Hut.

Saturday night, we had Olive Garden. I refuse to take pictures of that. I figure most everyone, and their mother!, has been there, before.

Sunday – Mother’s Day! We went to a friend’s house and all the men cooked and cleaned for us. My baby boy made brownies – Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate. I’ll tell you what…I’m, usually, all about the homemade, but those are some damn perfect brownies!

Mikey making brownies

Mike made deviled eggs, german style potato salad and broccoli and tortellini salad. I supervised and was in control of the salt and pepper, but he really did do everything else!

Mike mom's day food

See? Photographic proof! Love my boys. I got some good ones.

So, here we are at…

Monday – Turkey burgers, roasted potato wedges and green beans (13 points)

Turkey burgers 13

The turkey burgers were, surprisingly, moist! VERY good and a nice, healthy alternative to a greasy cheeseburger. (which, are occasionally, a tasty choice)

Tuesday – BBQ Chicken Casserole (6 points)

Yes, it was my own creation. I have those, occasionally!

BBQ chic 6 points


It was a hit with the family. Me, not so much. I’m just not a fan of chicken, in general. It’s fine.

Wednesday – Every man (or lady!) for himself!

The kids were at Grandma’s. Mike was at a business dinner. I ate a Smart One.

Thursday – Pizza Casserole (7 points)

It’s baaaaack. Seriously. I can’t get rid of it.

Pizza Casserole 7


I think, next week, I’m going to make a veggie one. I’m sick of all the meat.

So – guess what I get to do tomorrow? I get to do lots of yummy eating at CincItalia 2013!

It’s probably bad that I’m REALLY excited, right? Be prepared for lots of pictures and if you’re feenin’ (thank you, R Kelly) for some delicious Italian food pics – check out my 2, previous,  CincItalia blogs!



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