Princess & the Points 7

This is going to be an easy post. Not because we’ve fallen off the wagon and into a puddle of fat. But, because it was Memorial Day weekend and we’re such popular people that we had 2 parties (please note sarcasm)

Even though I have no photographic proof of said parties and food, I really DID make a lot. For the get together, on Sunday, I made pasta salad, deviled eggs (no one else ever wants to!), brownies and red velvet cupcakes. Then, for the bash, on Monday, I brought the marinade and veggies, for the kebobs, roasted red potatoes and wait for it…

FRIED OREOS! (that would be the puddle of fat that I was alluding to)

Funnel Cake Batter + Double Stuff Oreos + Fry Daddy + Powdered Sugar = ABSOLUTE BLISS! Seriously, there’s NOTHING wrong with anything in that equation. After complaining about being full, we all still managed to throw down about 2, or 3…or 6. I’m not proud.

But, come Tuesday…we were right back on track.

Tuesday – Taco Pizza (6 points)

Tuesday - Taco Pizza 6


Yum – that is all.

Wednesday – went to La Pinata. It was fine.

Thursday – Salmon with rice and veggies, spicy hoisin sauce/glaze (11 points)

Thursday - Salmon 11


Love salmon and it was positively delicious! Mike thought the sauce was awesome (it was)

And, yep, that’s it. See? It was a fast, sad little post. With summer coming up, these short posts might be the majority – busy summer nights!

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