Pizza Night, with my boy!

I enjoy my weekly, Friday night, pizza night, with my boy, immensely. I realize how fast kids grow up (hello, I have a senior now!) and that they’ll turn on you, in a heartbeat. 🙂 I love that my son still thinks it’s cool to spend time with his mama! I’m sure, that I only have about a year of that left. That, just might, break my heart.

But – we’re loving the time now!

Friday night was stormy and rainy – pretty gross out. Mikey was, beyond, sick of pizza and neither of us, really wanted it, but our laziness won out. So, we ordered our old stand by…Pizza Hut.

They have a deal right now – medium pizza box. 2 medium pizza, any toppings/crust, for $8 each. (Except extra cheese? I never understood that one!)

This is our box…

PH box


Mikey’s Pan Cheese

PH cheese


My Hand-tossed Pepperoni and Mushroom

PH pep

Pizza was good. The snuggling part was my favorite. 🙂

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