Football and French Fries

I, recently, stopped catering and doing cupcakes. Life was just getting a little too stressful and I really wanted to focus on work and church. Plus, I never want to get “burnt out” on cooking. I love it and I want to continue loving it. 😉

I’m using this time, to get started on tweaking recipes and trying new things – just for the pure enjoyment of cooking and eating! Since the husband and I are watching football together, every Sunday, I thought that working my way, through my pins on Pinterest, was a good way, to get started.

What did I make this week? Homemade French Fries. I have fallen out of love, with the world and their french fries. Ever since they switched over to the “healthy” oil and no salt, they have sucked. So, I decided to take matters, into my own hands, and make my own!

Since I don’t know the first think about making awesome fries besides the basics – potatoes, fry, salt, I hit up my girlfriend, The Pioneer Woman, for a recipe! Perfect French Fries.

Yes, I did the whole she-bang! I soaked pre-cut and peeled fries, in water (and vinegar), for 24 hours. Let them dry properly – this is the first result…

Post-water bath

Fries post soak


Sort of look like apples 🙂

They go in, for a flash fry

Fries first fry


Post-first fry

After first fry


They look like they’ve been attacked by an oil spill! My first lesson, was learned here – keep them in, for at least, 6 minutes. You want them to be, almost mushy. Almost!

After my batches were all finished, they went into the higher heat oil, for just a few minutes. I was playing around, with the seasonings, after. I don’t have any pictures of just the salt and seasoning salt ones because my family were eating them too damn fast!

Here are the Old Bay Seasoned Fries

Final Fries


I, also, made a couple of sauces – I did a Siracha Mayo and a “Fry Sauce” (that would be ketchup and mayo). Really, my favorite was just plain old ranch and ketchup.

The fries were really delicious – crispy, on the outside, fluffy, on the inside. Well, salted – everything that a fry should be. Much better than ANY fast food places and MOST restaurants. (Except Senate – the duck fat is really spectacular) And, being as the family, devoured them, within minutes, I would say that they were a hit.

Next week, will be another round of football and another round of appetizers! Woohoo!

2 thoughts on “Football and French Fries

  1. I just need to tell you how much I love your blog….I found it recently on a slow day at work and read the whole damn thing all day long. I love that you love queso and nachos, and that you’re a fry snob, and that you have 20 tirades about LaRosa’s. Perfect! I’d love to dine with you!

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