How we do birthdays…

My daughter’s 17th birthday (Yes, I look fabulous, for having a teen…;) ) was a few weeks ago and this is how the non-crafty/pinterest mom, does a birthday.

Part 1. We take our gorgeous daughter to an Asian restaurant. It’s not MY first pick (Hello, Mexican!) but, it’s her birthday and all. Since she was all PF Chang-ed out, we told her that Naked Tchopstix was funky and fun. She was in. (BTW – my boy, the anti-foodie, got Pizza Hut, ahead of time)

Pizza Hut


Newport on the Levee is always fun – plus, they have valet. Which, we all, thoroughly, enjoy.

We convinced her to try a nice, non-raw sushi…the Playboy roll.

Playboy roll


Playboy roll 2


Of course, if you give my son, chopsticks, he just can’t be normal. This is what happens.

Mikey Chopsticks


Yes, he’s special.

This is my husband, teaching my daughter how to ram the whole wheel of sushi, into her mouth.

Maddie eating sushi


We even got the boy to try a little – yep, just like a Christmas miracle.

Mikey sushi


He said it was “okay”, which meant, it didn’t taste like pizza…

We all got the fun Bento boxes and we all picked the same soup – Spicy Egg and Spinach

Naked Tchopstix Soup


I liked the soup, a lot – but…my birthday girl, wasn’t a fan. But, what does she know?

Chopsticks locked and loaded!

Chopsticks ready


Bento Box – General Tso Chicken


Naked Tchopstix Bento Tso Chix

Bento Box – Teriyaki Salmon

Naked Tchopstix Teriyaki Salmon Bento


Teriyaki Chicken Skewers (we got that, just thinking, that the boy MIGHT eat them)

Naked Tchopstix chicken skewers


Bento Box (mine!) – Shrimp Tempura

Naked Tchopstix Tempura Shrimp


The shrimp was really good – crispy but yet, not overly cooked. You know – it’s kind of unfair, for me, to judge Asian cuisine. I just don’t “feel” it…a lot of the times. It’s all pretty much, the same, to me. I like my Mexican…what can I say?

Part 2 – Give the birthday girl, an itty bitty cake, since she’s having a party, the next day. But, everyone needs an actual cake ON their birthday, right?

Baby cake


No, I didn’t make it. I’ve given up, on making cupcakes and cakes. I just don’t have the patience, or time, these days. I love cooking but baking gives me the hives, sometimes!

I failed at catching the picture, at the right time…

Mom's late


Part 3 – Said birthday girl, leaves you and goes out with her friends.

Part 4 – Cookie Cake! (thanks, Sam’s!)

Cookie cake


Part 5 – Pizza! (yes, it’s Larosa’s – I had a buddy card.)

Maddie pizza first


Note – she ate before everyone else got there. It was her birthday and she was hungry.

Part 6 – Family celebrates birthday!

Opening presents


Part 7 – I catch it at the right moment…this time.

Blowing out candles


We keep it simple. We keep it non-pinteresty and look, my kids manage to survive, just fine. 😉

Happy Birthday, my girl!

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