We love Football!

Finally, had another chance, to make some appetizers, for FOOTBALL Sundays! I have a goal, to work through my pinterest list, too – so, it’s killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Or, I’m putting all my eggs in my basket. I’m doing something, dammit.

This Sunday, I made Cheese Coney Pizza (my own creation!) and Cheesy Bacon Bombs. 

I’m a Cincinnati girl – I enjoy the Skyline. You all know that. I might be a traitor, to some things Cincinnati, but I’m all in, all the time, for Skyline!

Cheese Coney Pizza

Coney Pizza


I did make homemade pizza dough. But, you can grab some pre-made. Just the crust, a can of Skyline chili, a drizzle of mustard, chopped onions, grated mild cheddar cheese and sliced hot dogs. Melt, for about 12 minutes, at 425 and voila! Coney Pizza, baby!

Slice Coney Pizza


Um, yum. No more words are needed.

And, the Cheesy Bacon Bombs. In theory, it’s a really good sounding idea. I mean, biscuits, cheese and bacon. Nothing wrong with any of those, right?

Cheesy Bacon Bombs


They LOOK awesome. 

Close Bombs


The problem is – the bacon is nice and crispy but the biscuits were still a little raw and the cheese didn’t melt. But, I couldn’t fry them much longer because the bacon would become a burned up mess. Plus, they were just kind of “eh” – they needed something. So, they go into the “fail” pinterest pile. No worries, I only have about 300 more appetizers, to choose from. 😉

It was a rainy afternoon. We got to watch football, in our PJ’s and eat appetizers. Does it get better than that?


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