Football Good Eats!

I haven’t been the best at blogging, everything I’ve been making, for football watching. I get caught up, in yelling at the TV. But, I was a good blogger, this week and took pics of our football grub!

Fried Pizza – yeah, you read that correctly. FRIED pizza. As if pizza needs to get any more fattening, we’ve now added batter and oil, to it!

Funny enough, this was such a pinterest WIN. I was skeptical of the Totino’s pizza, inside fried batter, but it was damn good. Like a bigger pizza roll. Definitely go the extra sauce route, however. Here’s a pic, of mine! (BTW – it’s about 2 1/2 minutes of frying time)

Football Fried Pizza


And, if you have nothing to say but “looks like a heart attack” or “too many calories” or “only Paula Deen fries that much”…NO ONE wants to hear it, foodie Debbie Downer. We eat healthy all damn week (seriously, I might turn into salad) so, I don’t feel bad about some delicious calories, on Sunday night!

Moving on to…Nachos! (If you need a recipe, for this…you are a moron)

Football Nachos

Football Nachos 2

That white stuff is not sour cream (that was on the side)…it’s jalapeno queso! I don’t need to tell you that they were delicious.

Then – our BFF made us…RIBS! (in his awesome smoker!)

Football Ribs


Smokey, BBQ-y, and falling off the bone = lip smackin’ good!

You’re so jealous, aren’t you?

It gets better.

For dessert, we had funnel cakes. (yes, more frying – it was like the county fair, in the kitchen!) I didn’t get a picture because they were flying away, after my BFF, more than liberally, doused them in powdered sugar.

Even though it was an awful Fantasy Football week, for me…I still got good food. 😉

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