Best Frozen Pizza – Red Baron?

Is that an oxymoron? BEST Frozen Pizza?

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve bought a frozen pizza. We get pizza EVERY damn Friday, which means, that I don’t randomly feel like pizza, during the week. BUT – an online conversation led to the best frozen pizza. From my childhood, Red Baron was always my fav. My husband and daughter, oddly, love Totino’s (and, they don’t even cut it into pieces…just eat it as ONE, BIG piece – weirdos!).

Sam’s had a sale, on DiGiorno pizza…I bought some. HORRIBLE. I can’t stand that rising crust crap. Way too puffy. The cheese didn’t “melt” and the sauce was non-existent. And, here I am. Today. Trying to find out if there really IS a good frozen pizza. I’ll have to revisit DiGiorno, since I wasn’t aware that I’d be doing this blog and didn’t get any pictures. (I’ll be picking a thinner crust, next time!)

My first stop is my old childhood love – Red Baron

You know the box.

Red Baron Box

What a classic guy, that Red Baron. 😉

A word, to the unwise, when making frozen pizzas…ALWAYS under bake. They always tell you WAY too long and you end up with burnt cheese! You can always cook a little longer, if you need to.

This is my COOKED pizza – just wanted to give you a picture, in relation to the pizza pan, so you know what size you’re getting into!

Red Baron Cookie Sheet


And, close up!

Red Baron Pizza Cooked


And, after I cut it.

Red Baron slices


I’ll have to say…it was pretty damn good. I like the cheese AND it had a good amount of sauce on it. And, there’s something delicious to be said for those little pieces of onions and peppers. Sadly, I could eat it again. Not sure how much of that is childhood love and how much that is it’s actually good?

There’s a LOT of frozen pizzas, out there – A LOT. This will be an ongoing process – I mean, what a hardship…having to EAT PIZZA?

Up next? Tony’s. Yeah, he’s a swell guy, too. Let’s see if he can take on the Red Baron!


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