Best Frozen Pizza – Tony’s?

Sure – Tony’s pizza has that comforting box and packaging, that we all can recognize, in a snap…

Tony's pizza box

…but, taste wise, can it “deliver”?

We’ll see.

Here’s the size of the pizza – keep in mind, Tony’s is NOT expensive. Maybe $2.50?

Tony's size


He’s just a little lion.

And, could they spare the pepperoni – there are FIVE. Yes, five. Not even enough for one, on each piece.


Tony's Cooked and Whole


And, sliced!

Tony's sliced


I managed to get THREE of the pepperoni, on TWO of my slices – score!

Taste? Eh. Needed more sauce AND cheese.

Red Baron’s still better.

What’s up next? Tombstone – my sister suggested it.

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