The BEST eating weekend EVER

It started on a Thursday night. We ordered pizza. My new favorite, these days, is Marco’s thin crust, garden pizza. Seriously. It’s the best. Mikey, too, has hopped onto the Marco’s train. Thank God.

My boy’s 13th birthday was Friday. So, the previous week, we celebrated with this…

Mikey cake

As a boy (or man), does it get better than this? (Thanks, Cakemoms, for an awesome, perfect cake!)

So, back to our eating weekend. Mikey, the smart young man that he is, wanted to go to Eddie Merlot’s, for his birthday dinner. Um, hells yeah! Friday night steak, here we come! (the husband was on a golf trip and the girl was working = why it was just the 2 of us)

Service was fantastic, as usual. Our server was friendly and chatted and made sure we had everything we needed (even a little treat, at the end – more later)

Mikey at EM 2

How adorable is he? Just had to get that out!

Every table gets a yummy loaf of bread.

EM Bread

And, by table, I mean Mikey. (yes, he’s still Mikey to me dammit)

I got a cup of Lobster Bisque.

EM Lobster Bisque

It was very good – not perfect. 😉 But, I really liked that the lobster pieces were tender.

This was our plan. We each ordered a 10oz filet. I gave him a smidgen more than half of mine – meaning, he ate a full pound of filet. Life is good for Mikey.

EM Filet

Yum. And, yum.

I got a side of bearnaise, of course.

EM Bearnaise

I’m not proud of this…but, I could totally drink that straight.

Mikey got the gigantor potato.

EM Potato

And, because I’m classy (don’t be jealous), I got fries.

EM Fries


They were fantastic – nice and crunchy.

After we finished pounding down the food, we debated dessert. I couldn’t dedicate to more than 2 bites of anything and I wasn’t sure if Mikey could take down a full brownie, by himself. The server (fabulous!) solved the problem for us.

He brought Mikey out this…

EM cupcake

Yep – a big, giant red velvet cupcake (the cream cheese icing was as good as mine!) and a teeny glass of milk. Perfection on a plate.

MIkey with tiny milk

Isn’t he just the cutest??!!

It was a perfect meal.

Speaking of perfect meals, I had another one the next night, when I went out for MY birthday. (39 isn’t anywhere near as fun as 13)

We went to my other favorite restaurant – Nada! (love it!)

Had a couple of nadaritas. Had some guacamole, of course.

Nada chips, guac and salsa

Still the best chips ever.

I got my usual – fish tacos

Nada Fish Tacos

And, stole some of the husband’s mac’n’cheese.

Nada mac'n'cheese

Our server also brought me out some birthday churros. Which, sad to say, disappeared so fast that I didn’t get a picture of them. In my defense, they are really delicious. Infused with tons of cinnamon and honey. Just, yum.

So – a perfect eating weekend. Be jealous. Be very jealous.

Oh – and I’m now 3X older than my son. That makes me a little sad.








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