Dancing Wasabi – Hyde Park

Chances are, I’m getting cranky in my older age. So, take my next sentence with that in mind. I think I’m over sushi. It was fun while it lasted. But, if I’m really honest with myself, I really just am in love with wasabi. Sushi is just the carrier for it.

Enter Dancing Wasabi.

Another reason why I’m getting old – the desire to flick, little tiny baby women, who are teetering on higher than high heels, right onto the street because they can’t say “excuse me”.

I digress.

Dancing Wasabi Chopsticks

Dancing Wasabi wasn’t crowded about 6:30 on a Saturday night. According to my almost adult daughter, it doesn’t get busy until much later. I guess that’s when the cool folks eat? 😉

First glance, you have the hosts and servers with the “too cool to serve you” look about them – the almost bored glances, like they have some place more important, and way more hip, to be.

The restaurant is trendy – acoustically, a nightmare. (reason #3 I’m too old – the music was cranked way too high – dinner is for CONVO!)

We were handed menus – the dinner menu and sushi menu. For being the “best sushi in Cincinnati”, their sushi menu was certainly sad and very much, limited. The sushi menu, online, is vastly different than what was handed to us. We were told that they took a lot of sushi off of their menu. I mean, that makes sense at a SUSHI restaurant and all.

Our server was hit or miss. When she had some spare time, she stopped at our table.


The 2 teen people (daughter and her friend) ordered some Edamame to start with. Might not be very classy or trendy of me but you can keep those hairy little beasts all to yourself. Pop away, teen people.

Dancing Wasabi Edamame

I’m in love with dumplings so got the Wasabi Shumai as part of my meal

Dancing Wasabi shumai

The husband and I both loved them. But, I’m a sucker for all things dumpling.

Mike got Shrimp Fried Rice as a meal

Dancing Wasabi Shrimp Fried Rice

He ordered the second highest heat possible (maybe a 4 out of 5) – neither one of us thought it was spicy. And, believe me, I don’t try to be a hero when it comes to the heat levels. But, it was some pretty darn good fried rice. The shrimp weren’t overcooked either.

It came with a cup of Miso soup

Dancing Wasabi Soup

I took one bite. That’s all I needed. It got shoved to the end.

Our sushi!

Dancing Wasabi Sushi better

Let’s see if I get this right – from left to right – Red Double Roll, Crunch Munch Roll and can’t remember the last (sorry…comes with the old age thing – that and the fact that it’s not listed on the online menu)

Volcano “Roll”

Dancing Wasabi volcano sushi

My favorite was the Red Double Roll (the one I picked – yah!). But, again, it kind of all tastes the same.

Dancing Wasabi was an average restaurant. This might be it for me and the whole sushi thing. I’m just as content getting some from the kiosk at Kroger (and, at least, they’re nice to me there).

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3 thoughts on “Dancing Wasabi – Hyde Park

  1. I have rarely had sushi. Had some on Mother’s day at the Orient Gardens with the Matthews and I LOVED everything I tried. I, too, like the wasabi sauce. Have you tried the Wasabi Almonds from Emerald nuts? Could help your wasabi craving and be good for you, to boot.

  2. This was the first post on your blog I’ve read and I must say it made me laugh on several occasions! And your lovely pictures are making me crave food from home!

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