The Back Porch – Destin 2015

You don’t go to the Back Porch for awesome food. You don’t even really go to the Back Porch for average food. It’s just about the view. It signifies salty sea air, the beginning of a no worries vacation and eating while gazing at the ocean. I think I might have wrecked the Back Porch last year – I was really irritated with their crappy seafood nachos and the horrible, cranky service.

Just to be clear, there ARE a few menu items that can be delicious. But, I don’t always feel like shelling out $30 for something that should be half that. I have my pride and all. 😉 Well, sometimes.

Our service WAS awesome this time. Back Porch also redid the whole entrance and gift shop area. Makes for a more pleasant waiting/exiting area.

I love the Back Porch day because it means our best friends have arrived in Paradise!

Time to celebrate with a cocktail – Key Lime Freeze

Back Porch key lime freeze 2

My ONE redeeming factor of the Back Porch and it wasn’t as good this time. Not very lime-y.

Like always – I’ll post food pics and mine will be last.

Cheese Sticks

Back Porch cheese sticks

My son’s – what 14-year-old boy doesn’t want and/or love cheese sticks?


Back Porch cheeseburger

Chicken Fingers

Back Porch chicken fingers

Onion Rings

Back Porch onion rings


Back Porch pasta

Grouper Destin

Back Porch stuffed fish

Blackened Amberjack Sandwich

Back Porch blackened amberjack sandwich

Okay – and the next picture is supposed to be mine. Either I had a major fail and didn’t take a picture OR my camera was just randomly deleting things. I’m going with the option that’s NOT my fault.

I got the Angry Amberjack sandwich – the description is Spicy Fried Amberjack with cheddar cheese. Well, I got the Fried Amberjack sandwich but the spice came from some random, sort of like buffalo sauce but not really slathered on top. So very off-putting. It’s too bad because the fish part was good – the sauce just sent it spiralling into gross-land.

I’m still not in love with the Back Porch. It serves its purpose and is what it is.




2 thoughts on “The Back Porch – Destin 2015

    My wife and I go to Destin every year and look forward to your superbly entertaining reviews. We usually use your latest post as the “ground truth” for our next trip. Agree with you mostly after experience.

    We love Stinky’s.
    – Valet parking is sort of odd.
    We eat at McGuire’s at least twice.
    Very busy on Sundays, but it makes it more memorable.
    Wasn’t thrilled with Dewey Destin.
    – The place was great but the food was just ok
    We stay at Sea Oats, Cabana Club.
    – Kinda, sorta private beach.
    – Not five stars but okay.
    The Walmart.
    – Has got to be one of the busiest stores in the world!

    Have you ever gone fishing in Destin?

    Live long and savor

    Joe and Ann from Nebraska

    • We went to Walmart in December and it was still crazy busy! Now, during our summer 2 week trip, we drive into FWB and go to the Sam’s Club.

      We went deep sea fishing once – I can’t say that I’m cut out to be in the sun for hours upon hours while fishing. I know, that’s totally girly but the truth. The husband would like it if it were a private charter but those are super pricey!

      All the years coming to Destin and I’m still in love with McGuire’s. It’s definitely my kids’ favorite (my son loves the steak there!)

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