Emanu – Pleasant Ridge

We were invited by some awesome people to go to an Ethiopian restaurant, Emanu,  a couple of months ago. It’s okay, I’ll make the joke before you do – I didn’t know that Ethiopia was known for food period. Apparently, I was wrong and I’m always up for a new food experience!

On a Friday night, our party of 14 was one of 3 tables in the restaurant. It had pretty bare minimum decor – tables were kind of low (or the booth seats were high), which I know is a weird comment but something that I notice.

Even though I menu stalked ahead of time, our host talked to the kitchen and got us a sampler type thing. Which, I was torn about – kind of wanted to wing it myself. 😉 Plus, all that creeping on the menu went to waste!

This was our sampler platter for 4…

Platter of food

I know that it was lamb (which is what I was going to order!), chicken legs, some veggies (greens, lentils), hard-boiled eggs – which I later learned that you’re to smoosh and break and mix it in with everything. I liked the lamb the best – the sauce was super good. Everything else tasted the same.

This the bread, injera…sponge-like, a bit sour


Yes, it’s interesting. It had about 1000 layers – that one piece lasted my whole meal! I love being able to eat with my hands – tearing pieces of bread off, scooping up food and shoveling it in. Something very rustic and authentic about it that I enjoy. After the initial few bites, however, I was over the bread – without the food, it was pretty sour and had no other real flavor.

I was looking forward to coffee!


Nice and strong – beautiful and little.

And, dessert…

We were indecisive and my husband’s not a good sharer, so we got a piece of baklava and a honey cheesecake. I’m not sure if either of those are Ethiopian but, it didn’t really matter. 😉



Baklava was okay. Cheesecake didn’t have much honey flavor and it was still frozen. Don’t know that the restaurant anticipated such high volumes of people. They were kind of stingy with the coffee, too. Baby pots, divided between 10 people. Or maybe it’s just because I have American girl coffee issues.

I had a fun time – with awesome company, laughter and a new food experience. I thought the food was okay. It was kind of pricey for what it was, too – $50+ for 2 people. Would I have to go back? No.

Emanu East African Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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